Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

License, Drug Violations

•Justin Lee Comer, 28, of 103 Forrest Circle, McKenzie, was charged with driving on a revoked license, simple possession of methamphetamine, simple possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia during an Oct. 26 traffic stop in Bruceton.

According to the report by Deputy Tony King, he pulled over a red Chevrolet Aveo driven by Comer due to prior knowledge of Comer’s license status. A computer check confirmed that Comer’s license was revoked. A search of the vehicle yielded a small bag containing a half gram of a substance that field-tested positive for methamphetamine, seven grams of substance believed to be marijuana, and a grinder with residue on it.

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•Xavier D’Antonio Williams, 30, of McKenzie was charged with DUI following an Oct. 29 traffic incident.

According to the report by Deputy Steven Scott, he responded to a call about a red car almost hitting two semi trucks and stopping in the middle of the road. Upon arrival, Scott found the vehicle on the side of the road with Williams asleep in the driver’s seat. Scott noted that Williams’ speech was slurred, and while speaking with Williams, he detected the odor of an intoxicating substance. Williams performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and he admitted to taking five shots of an alcoholic beverage.

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Stolen Tag

•John Wright of McKenzie reported to deputies on Oct. 28 that a vehicle tag was stolen.

Wright said he did not realize it had been stolen until he received a bill from the City of Memphis for unpaid parking tickets.

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•John Paul Todd, 40, of Camden was charged with a drug/narcotics violation on Oct. 23 in Buena Vista.

According to the report by Deputy Tony King, he responded to a prowler call at an address on Buena Vista School Road. Upon arrival, King found Todd apparently resting in a vehicle. Todd told King he had been tapping on a window at the residence to get the attention of a female who was staying there. The owner of the residence said he wanted Todd to leave. Todd gave King permission to search his vehicle, and during that search, King found one gram of a substance that field-tested positive for methamphetamine, as well as a glass pipe with residue on it.

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•Deputy Frank McGee took a report on Oct. 24 regarding a black 6 x 2 utility trailer that was stolen from private property on Grooms Road in Bruceton.

McGee reported that the trailer was taken sometime during the night of Oct. 23 from where it was parked behind the house near the shop. The trailer was valued at $1,500.

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