Carroll County Sheriff Reports


Kenneth Dale Fowler, 34, of Hollow Rock, was charged with theft (over $10,000 and less than $60,000) with a vandalism charge (over $1,000).

On October 7, Dispatch received a call in regard to a stolen vehicle from an address on Old Bruceton Road. The owner, Michael Presson, stated a white male in his 30s walked up to him, asked for a ride and said he lost his money. Presson went inside to retrieve a flashlight when the male took his vehicle. The vehicle is a red 2013 Toyota Camry valued at $23,000. The defendant, Kenny Fowler, was located later and arrested for active outstanding warrants. In Fowler’s possession was a key to the stolen 2013 red Toyota Camry. Fowler led deputies to Marlboro Road, to a wooded area to locate to vehicle. The vehicle was recovered with scratches all over and damage to the front end.

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Violation of Order of Protection

Cody Allan Bradley, 32, of Huntingdon, was arrested for violation of an order of protection on October 16.

Deputy Steven Scott observed Bethany Brown in a green Durango at Tiger Mart in Bruceton, with Cody Bradley as the passenger. Deputy Scott made contact with Bradley and asked about an order of protection between him and Brown. Bradley and Brown both stated that the order had been dropped. A check with dispatch confirmed and showed an active order of protection between Brown and Bradley. This did occur in Carroll County.

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Multiple Charges/Arrest 

Joseph Matthew Sellers, 31, of McKenzie, was charged with simple possession of a schedule II (meth) and given a $2,500 bond.

Brooke Alexandria Chandler, 32, of Sharon, was charged with simple possession of schedule II (meth) and introduction into a penal institution. She was given a $7,500 bond. These offenses did occur in Carroll County.

On October 9, around 3 a.m., Deputy Coleman initiated a traffic stop based on his knowledge and observing, Joseph Sellers as a passenger and individual with an active warrant for his arrest out of Henry County for failure to appear. Dispatch confirmed the warrant was active for a wanted person. Upon contact, the driver was identified as Mary Wainscott and the back seat passenger identified as Brooke Chandler by the officer. Deputy Coleman advised Sellers to step out of the vehicle due to his active warrants, and he was detained on scene while they waited for hard copies of the warrants from Henry County. Deputies requested consent to search the vehicle and were granted permission until the back seat passenger, Chandler, started to act erratically. She stated officers could not search the vehicle or her person and advised officers she knew her human rights. Coleman asked Chandler to step out of the vehicle multiple times. She failed to comply in attempt to try and conceal a small black bag. Officers forced Chandler from the vehicle for officer safety, not knowing whether there was a weapon in the vehicle. The driver denied consent to search at that time. Officers called for canine to come to the location. K-9 Gotchi gave a positive alert on the vehicle, giving the officers probable cause to search the vehicle. Officers located a small black bag located in the back seat, with several different drug paraphernalia items, and a syringe with a substance that tested positive for meth. Coleman detained all three individuals and advised them of their Miranda rights. None of the individuals wanted to take ownership. The two passengers were both in reach of the paraphernalia and were placed under arrest. The driver, Wainscott, was released from the scene. Both individuals were advised that if they brought any kind of drug or paraphernalia into the jail then they would be charged with introduction into a penal institution. Chandler and Sellers both stated they did not have anything, and the two were transported to the Carroll County Jail. At the jail, Officer Moudy searched Chandler and in her bra located 3.2 grams of a substance in a plastic bag that field tested positive for meth.

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