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All other Offenses

  • Scottie Lee Hunt, 40 of Cedar Grove was charged with leaving the scene of an accident on October 14.

Scottie Hunt was operating a silver 1992 Dodge Truck with tags registered to a silver 2001 Toyota. When he failed to stop at a stop sign of an intersection, he ended up hitting a mailbox causing damage to the yard and mailbox. Approximate value of the damage to the yard and mailbox valued to $400. When officers arrived on scene, the defendant Scottie Hunt fled the scene. In the vehicle left on scene, officers located a wallet allowing them to identify the driver as Mr. Hunt.

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  • Malcolm O. Lee, 51 of Atwood was arrested for driving under the influence on October 14.

Deputy Davis had a vehicle driving behind his patrol unit when the driver started to flash his lights multiple times. Deputy Davis pulled over to see if the driver, later identified as Malcolm Lee, needed help, except the driver continued to drive past the officer. At that point, the officer noticed the driver swerving back and forth in the lane and initiated a traffic stop. After contacting the driver, the deputy noticed a smell of marijuana coming off the vehicle and asked Mr. Lee out of the vehicle to perform a series of test to determine if the driver was impaired. After getting the driver out of the vehicle, the deputy noticed a smell of an alcoholic beverage as well. Mr. Lee did admit to drinking and smoking earlier that day and refused to submit to the test.

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Multiple Arrest

  • James Banks, 33 of Buchanan was cited for schedule VI marijuana with intent to sell and distribute.
  • Adrian Ray, 41 of McKenzie was cited with simple possession of marijuana.

On October 15, Deputy Townes initiated a traffic stop on a grey Dodge charger. Upon contact with the driver, identified as James Banks, the deputy pulled him aside to write a warning ticket when he picked up suspicion that some sort of criminal play was in effect at that time. The deputies were given consent to search the vehicle and located three separate containers of marijuana. The passenger identified as Adrian Ray claimed ownership of one container, which weighed up to 15 grams of marijuana. James Banks took ownership of the other two containers weighing up to 166 grams of marijuana. This incident did occur in Carroll County.

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  • William T. Melton, 58 of Cedar Grove was placed under arrest for his first offense of driving under the influence. He was asked to give a Blood or Breathalyzers test, both he denied.

On October 15, Deputy Winberry observed a white Dodge Ram truck cross the center line twice in front of him on HWY 70 West in Huntingdon. Upon contact with the vehicle, the deputy noticed a smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle and asked the driver to step out. The Driver, identified as William Tony Melton, was asked to perform some Field Sobriety Tests to which he did very poorly on. While his eyes were bloodshot, he was very unsteady on his feet and his speech was slurred. When asked how many drinks he had, he stated four to five beers. Mr. Melton was then placed under arrest.

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Missing Person – Found

  • Deidra Lynn Dixon, 53 of Cedar Grove was entered as a missing person and placed under BOLO on October 20.

The victim last texted her brother on October 18 which stated, “70 miles from 840”. Her brother reported to the Sheriffs Department on October 19 that no one had been in contact with her since. On October 20, dispatch was unable ping to her cellphone due to no activity on it in the past three days. The victim called dispatch (unaware of this date at this time) and stated she made it home safely. She was cleared from NCIC as a missing person at 11:16 p.m. per dispatcher 20.

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