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Carroll County Schools Busing Revisions for 2020-2021

Carroll County director of Schools John McAdams has issued the following guidelines for Carroll County Schools busing revisions for the 2020-2021 school year.

“Although Carroll County Schools is taking the following precautions while transporting students to prevent the spread of germs that could lead to illnesses, it is the parent’s/guardian’s decision for students to ride a school bus.,” said McAdams in the statement.  “Carroll County Schools reserve the rights to adapt/revise these operating procedures as needed.   Please check your child’s temperature and ensure it is below 100.4 degrees before allowing him/her to ride a bus.”

Below are the guidelines:

• Students will load the bus and be assigned a seat from back to front with the first students picked up sitting in the back of the bus.  

• Family members will sit together as space allows.

• It will be a point of emphasis that students will stay in their seat until unloading at their destination.  (To assist with the prevention of the spread of germs)

• Each bus will drop off students at each school without transitioning students from one bus to another.

• The bus will unload from front to back at each location.

• Students will sit in the same assigned seat in the afternoon and morning routes.

• At the end of the school day, students should load the bus in the order they load in the morning from back to front. 

• Students being transported from one school to another will be assigned a bus to ride with an assigned seat.

• Masks will be recommended to be worn by anyone riding on a Carroll County Schools bus.

• Hand sanitizer will be provided for driver’s and students’ use upon loading and unloading the bus.

• Windows should be lowered for ventilation. (Weather Permitting)

• Buses will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular schedule.

• Destination changes must be approved 24 hours in advanced unless it is an emergency.

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