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Carroll County Republicans reorganize with officers’ election

At a Feb. 23 meeting the Carroll County Republican Party reorganized, discussed party goals and voted to censure the state’s U.S. Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty. During the reorganization process, officers were elected.

Re-elected  were chairman Cyril Ostiguy, vice chairman Corrine Arnold and secretary Janis Ostiguy. Elected as the new treasurer was Tom Aljancic after the former treasurer Andy Ringold resigned.

Three of the seven goals that were adopted included: 1. Improve communications from grass roots up to the top of the Republican Party so the state and National Party have a better feel of the pulse of the citizens and keep the citizens better informed of all bills and legislation pending or proposed. 2. Help formulate GOP policy and goals from grass roots up. 3. Solicit good candidates for county positions and assist with their campaigns.

The party members unanimously voted to accept a resolution to censure Senators Blackburn and Hagerty for their vote on certifying the electoral college votes for President Joe Biden.

Both senators had said they would not vote to certify the election, but on Jan. 6 during the process, both senators did vote for the certification.

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