Carroll County Library has new director

New Carroll County
Library Director
Erin Crockett

The Carroll County Library Board has selected Erin Crockett, of Huntingdon, as the new Library Director.

While Library patrons may recognize her smiling face from Huntingdon’s 1822 Coffee Co., Erin comments on this new venture saying, “I am excited to work at the Carroll County Library and be in a position where I can make a difference in my community.”  

The Board was impressed with Mrs. Crockett’s creativity, presentation and communication skills as well as her knowledge of advanced technologies.  This paired with her confidence and infectious personality makes Erin the ideal prospect for the Library Director position.  

Erin Crockett and the Library board share a vision for the future of the library.

 “I would love to bring more resources that reflect the needs of our community and lead to growth and education for everyone,” said Erin.

In addition to patron-focused programming and resources, the library board desires to expand their reach outside the walls of the library and into the furthest communities within the county. 

Lori Dillahunty, chairperson for the Carroll County Library Board, offers that her experience serving on the board has shown her the importance of the library and how beneficial library services are to the public.

“I truly believe that there is something for everyone at the library,” she said. “Educating the public on all of the essential services the library offers is one of the board’s primary goals and we have every confidence that Erin will succeed in strengthening the library’s marketing and community outreach.”  

Erin’s desire to serve and support her community comes with a passion for libraries.

“I have always been a huge fan of libraries growing up and now seeing my girls getting involved in the programs makes my heart happy,” she said. “I am excited that I am getting the opportunity to help create more programs and services.  I have a deep love and respect for my community and I hope that shows through future endeavors at our library.” 

In addition to her love for all things books and libraries, Erin enjoys baking, singing, solving puzzles, and learning new skills. Erin is married to Cody Crockett, an English teacher at Carroll Academy, and her two biggest cheerleaders are her daughters Penny (5) and Isadora (1).

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