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Carroll County Lake Commission grants two requests

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The Carroll County Lake Planning Commission members took care of business in two virtual meetings on Sept. 22 in one after the other.

In the first meeting, commission members approved the lone item from M & M Subdivision on the Lake Commission agenda and immediately afterwards held a Carroll County Lake Board of Zoning Appeals meeting on a site plan. The same members deal with the business of both bodies.

In the Planning Commission meeting a revised final plat submitted by Marty Ensley for M & M Lakeside Subdivision, Phase I was approved.

According to Community Planner Donny Bunton, a final plat has been submitted to revise an interior lot line between lots 17 and 18. The proposal would have the effect of conveying 126 feet of lake frontage to lot 18, while taking the same amount away from lot 17.

“The properties are zoned L-1 and they will have access to sewer service from the Town of Huntingdon and water service from the Cedar Grove Water District,” said Bunton. “The subdivision will feature a new road proposed to be called Sportsman Cove and the property is not located in a designated flood hazard area.”

In recommending the approval, Bunton said he had no concerns since all the regulatory requirements had been met.

The next meeting will be Oct. 27 at 1 p.m.

In the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting, a site plan submitted by Marty Ensley drew some discussion before it was approved.

Ensley is proposing to construct a boat storage building that will contain six storage units. It is noted that 12-15 more units may be added in the future. The property is lot 1 of M & M Lakeside Subdivision. It is the only lot in that subdivision located on the east side of Baker Road. The property is zoned L-2 which allows for boat storage uses and is not located in a designated flood hazard area.

“The only required criteria for proposed boat storage units are: they must be on a lot which has a minimum size of one acre, the storage units must be at least five feet from all property lines and the units must be enclosed on at least three sides,” said Bunton, who recommended the approval since the requirements had been met.

Commission member Rita Jones questioned the fact there is another landowner involved who didn’t make the site plan request. Board chairman Billy Smith also agreed since the other person’s name was not on the request.

“Marty is in the process of buying the property back,” said Bunton.

The plan was passed contingent on the other property owner signing off on it.

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