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Carroll County General Sessions Report

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HUNTINGDON (January 11) — The following cases were heard in Carroll County General Sessions Court on January 11.
Bound over to the Grand Jury of the Carroll County Circuit Court were:
Matthew Helms, Palmersville Highway, Dresden, bound over on vehicular assault, reckless endangerment-vehicle, vandalism, reckless driving, disorderly conduct, violation of financial responsibility.

The following cases resulted in a guilty plea or finding.
Allen Campbell, HWY 104, Lavinia, guilty, simple possession/casual exchange- meth., 11/29 jail suspended, supervised probation, alcohol and drug evaluation; dismissed, simple possession/casual exchange-marijuana; dismissed, possession of drug paraphernalia.
Jimmy Lee Conder, Highway 220, Lavinia, guilty, driving while suspended, $100 fine, 6 months jail-suspended; supervised probation; dismissed, light law violation.
Mary Dement, Fowler Circle, Hollow Rock, guilty, failure to yield to emergency vehicle, $200 fine, six months jail-suspended, probation.
Kaitlyn Candice Gehl, Hillcourt, Huntingdon, guilty, Probation Violation, 11/29 jail, defendant can receive day-for-day credit upon successful completion of rehab.
April Lynn Gocal, Park Cove, McKenzie, guilty, school entrance/attendance/withdrawal, 30 days jail suspended except 4 days; supervised probation for 60 days, neither child can miss school without an excused absence.
Justin Goodman, Stigall Rd, Camden, guilty, driving while license suspended – 2nd or Subsequent Offense, Failure to Appear, $100 fine, 11/29 Jail-suspended to time served, supervised probation.
Vicki Harper, Park Circle, McKenzie, guilty, theft of merchandise-shoplifting, $10 fine, items were recovered, 11/29 jail-suspended, no contact with Walmart for one year, probation.
William H. Hollowell, Tank Range Rd, Huntingdon, guilty, Theft, 11/29 Jail-suspended except 30 days, supervised probation, defendant must forfeit firearm.
Tiffany R. Howard, Park Lane, McKenzie, guilty, False Report of Accident, 30 days jail, supervised probation; guilty, Accessory After the Fact, 11/29 supervised probation.
Maurice Lawrence, homeless, guilty, criminal trespass, 30 days jail-suspended to 12 days’ time served, unsupervised probation.
Micah Leite, Maple Street, Huntingdon, guilty, meth possesses or casual exchange, $750 fine, 11/29 jail – suspended except 60 days, already on supervised probation in Henderson County; dismissed, Possession of unlawful paraphernalia.
Robert Glynn Long, East Main, Atwood, guilty, community supervision violation, $10 fine, 11/29 jail – suspended except 48 hours, unsupervised probation; dismissed, sexual offender registration, dismissed, residential and work restrictions.
Jacob Metcalf, Highway 70, Huntingdon, guilty, DUI-First Offense, $350 fine, 48 hours jail, not to drive for one year, DUI School; dismissed, reckless driving, failure to exercise due care.
Marcus Rhodes, Saint John Rd, Denmark, guilty, theft, 11/29 jail suspended except 15 days, six months supervised probation, $243.60 restitution to Dollar General.
Kowasha Quinvette Smith, Coles Ferry Pike, Lebanon, guilty, simple possession/casual exchange, $750 fine, 11/29 jail-suspended except 5 days; unsupervised probation.
Kelly Turnbow, Walnut Avenue, McKenzie, guilty, reckless driving, six months jail-suspended except 30 days, supervised probation; guilty, driving while suspended.

The following cases were dismissed.
Haley Nicole Baugh, Main Street, Trezevant, dismissed, mandatory school attendance.
Amber Rachelle Brewer, Paw Paw Ln, McKenzie, dismissed, driving while license suspended; violation of registration.
Evelyn Leann Cary, State Route 114, Hollow Rock, dismissed, allowing dog to run at large.
Jerry David Kyle, Maple Street, Huntingdon, dismissed, allowing dog to run at large, agreed to pay $80 to Huntingdon Animal Clinic for care of another person’s dog.
Melissa Anne Moore, Sydnor Rd, McKenzie, dismissed, probation violation.
Steven Pinkston, Lexington Street, Bruceton, dismissed, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass.
Katie Nicole Smith, Carlton Street, Gleason, dismissed, driving while suspended, dismissed, violation of light law.

The following cases were adjudicated through pre-trial diversion.
Eric Jimmerson, Highland Drive, McKenzie, pre-trial diversion, possession/casual exchange, $250 fine, after successful probation
Chassidi Tucker, Ebenezer Rd, Reagan, pre-trial diversion, assault – bodily harm, no intentional contact with the victim.

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