Carroll County General Sessions Report

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HUNTINGDON (September 14-15) — The following cases were heard in Carroll County General Sessions Court with Judge Michael King presiding.

Marcus Holder, McCollum Road, Reagan, Tenn., was bound over to the Grand Jury of the Circuit Court on charge of Simple Possession/Casual Exchange and violation of the Light Law-Motor Vehicle.

The following cases resulted in a finding or plea of guilty.

Charles Coffman, Fairgrounds Street, Jackson, guilty of Meth-Possess or Casual Exchange, $750 fine, 11/29 jail suspended to 120 days, supervised probation; guilty, Driving While Revoked-Second or Subsequent Offense; dismissed, Violation of Vehicle Registration; dismissed, Violation of Financial Responsibility.

Heather Dawn Ford, Lexington Street, Bruceton, guilty, Meth-Possess or Casual Exchange, $750 fine, 11/29 jail, suspended all except 30 days; dismissed, Schedule II Drugs- Manufacture, Deliver, Sell, or Possess; dismissed, Failure to Appear.

Terin Harris, Alabama Street, McKenzie, guilty, Theft of Merchandise, $13.46 restitution to Walmart, supervised probation, banned from Walmart.

Marcos A. Hernandez, Hemlock Street, Bruceton, guilty, Probation Violation. 

Alexis King, Paris Street, Huntingdon, guilty, Theft of Merchandise, 11/29 jail – all suspended, unsupervised probation banned from Walmart.

Jennifer Knight, Main Street, Huntingdon, guilty, Meth-Possess or Casual Exchange, fine of $750, 11/29 to serve except 30 days, 10/29 supervised probation; dismissed, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Violation of Registration.

Maurice Lawrence, homeless, McKenzie, guilty, Assault-Bodily Injury, 11/29 jail, suspended except 120 days, no contact with Maverick convenience store; dismissed, Criminal Trespass.

Bradley Shepherd, Big Buck Road, Trezevant, guilty, DUI-First Offense, $350 fine, 15 days jail, 11/14 supervised probation, not to drive for one year, DUI school to attend; dismissed, Violation of Implied Consent and Failure to Exercise Due Care.

Markus Leshawn Sneed, High Street, Jackson, guilty, Resist Stop, Arrest, Search, six months jail suspended except 15 days, supervised probation; dismissed, Failure to Appear.

Hunter J. Taylor, Christian Chapel Road, Cedar Grove, guilty, Probation Violation, 90 days to serve; guilty, Failure to Appear.

Charles Tillman, Main Street, Huntingdon, guilty, Meth-Possess or Casual Exchange, $750 fine, 11/29 jail suspended except for 45 days; 10/14 supervised probation.

Patrick Turman, Connie Allen Road, McKenzie, DUI-First Offense, $350 fine, 11/29 jail suspended except 48 hours, supervised probation, not to drive for one year.

The following cases were adjudicated through pre-trial diversion.

Ethan Depriest, Bridgeman Street, Huntingdon, pre-trial diversion, Possession/Casual Exchange, six month jail, alcohol and drug assessment; dismissed, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Toni Gail Pearson, Highway 219, Huntingdon, judicial diversion, Driving While Revoked- Second or Subsequent Offense, 11/29 supervised probation.

Jaime Walker, Atwood Street, Trezevant, pre-trial diversion, Theft of Merchandise, no contact with Dollar General.

Anthony Dalton Young, Hames Street, Trezevant, pre-trial diversion, Driving While Revoked, 6 months supervised probation; pre-trial diversion, Public Intoxication, 4 days jail, 30 days supervised probation; dismissed, failure to appear.

The following cases were dismissed.

Kambron D. Allen, Jr., Grand Rapids, Mich., dismissed, Disorderly Conduct.

Shaun A. Allen, Nashville, dismissed, Schedule VI, VI Drugs – Manufacture, Deliver, Sell, Possess; dismissed, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Austin Cantrell, Jeanette Circle, McKenzie, dismissed, Domestic Assault.

Brian Hayden Hicks, Eubanks Road, Bruceton, dismissed, Underage Driving While Impaired; dismissed, Seatbelt Violation.

Keira Leann Hones, Douglas Avenue, McKenzie, dismissed, Simple Possession/Casual Exchange.

Kevin Jones, Florida Court, McKenzie, dismissed, Failure to Appear.

Ethan Lankford, Natchez Trace Road, Camden, dismissed, Possession of Handgun While Under Influence, forfeited AK-47 rifle; Glock 19 pistol to be returned to owner, LeeAnn Davis; dismissed, Public Intoxication.

Sarah J. Mays, Broad Street, Bruceton, dismissed, Domestic Assault; dismissed, Failure to Appear.

Niyah Roshea Rivers, Hunter Ridge, Cove, Huntingdon, dismissed, probation violation.

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