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Carroll County General Sessions Report

The following case was bound over to the Grand Jury last week in Carroll County General Sessions Court:

•Stacy Michelle Cochran, Humphreys Road, Huntingdon, was bound over on a charge of theft of property.

• • •

The following cases resulted in a guilty plea or conviction:

•Sarah C. Bailey, Moore Circle, Gleason, guilty, probation violation, 90 days in jail, extended probation for seven months.

•Justin Lee Comer, Allen Street, Bruceton, guilty, meth-possession or casual exchange, $750 fine, 60 days in jail, day-to-day jail reduction credit offered for inpatient rehabilitation participation. Dismissed charges of simple possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while revoked-second or subsequent offense.

•James Alan Ethridge, Old Stage Road, Huntingdon, guilty, reckless endangerment, driving while suspended, DUI-first offense, $350 fine, not to drive for one year, 4 months in jail – after 30 days may enter in-patient rehab to reduce jail credit; must pay restitution; probation for 11 months, 29 days; dismissed, violation of financial responsibility and driver failed to exercise due care.

•Brian K. Gross, Buena Vista Road, Buena Vista,, guilty, unlawful possession of weapon.

•John L. Johnson, Jr., Oaklawn Drive, McKenzie, guilty plea to lesser charge of driver failed to carry license, 48 hours in jail, unsupervised probation for 28 days.

•Kellon Johnson, Danville Road, Big Sandy, guilty, theft, $100 fine, $7.88 restitution to Walmart, 20 hours of community service, unsupervised probation.

•Tommy Wayne Jones, Welton Street, Milan, guilty, failure to appear, 10 days in jail, unsupervised probation for 11/19.

•Ronnie G. Layhew, II, Buena Vista Road, Huntingdon, guilty, DUI-second offense, $600 fine, supervised probation for 10/14, 45 days in jail, not to drive for two years, dismissed, violation for financial responsibility.

•John Allen Mitchell, Highway 70, Huntingdon, guilty, driving while revoked, $50 fine, unsupervised probation for six months.

•William T. Nunn, Highway 190, McKenzie, guilty, DUI-first offense, 48 hours jail, 11/27 unsupervised probation, not to drive for one year; dismissed, driving while suspended, violation of financial responsibility, failure to exercise due care, driving unregistered vehicle.

•Brian William Sawyer, Highland Drive, McKenzie, guilty, domestic assault, guilty, domestic assault, mental health evaluation required, jail time, if any, to be determined.

•Rusty Lee Shepherd, College Street, Kenton, guilty, driving while revoked, $350 fine, unsupervised probation for 5 months, 20 days, 48 hours jail; dismissed, registration must be carried, violation of financial responsibility, driver failed to exercise due care.

•Lashaunda Rae Taylor, McClure Street, McKenzie, guilty, probation violation, 10 days in jail.

•Mandy L. Terry, West Main Street, Dresden, guilty, driving while suspended – second or subsequent offense, guilty, failure to appear, 20 hours community service.

•Paul Wallace, Magnolia Avenue, McKenzie, guilty, vehicle registration improper use, $25 fine.

• • •

The following cases were dismissed:

•Gina Alas,, Elm Street, McKenzie, dismissed, theft.

•Austin Avery, Clark Street, Huntingdon, dismissed, under age 21 possession of beer.

•Sarah C. Bailey, Moore Circle, Gleason, dismissed, improper use-vehicle registration.

•Robert Bartlett, Linden Street, McKenzie, dismissed, failure to appear.

•Gary C. Beecham, Perry School Road, Henry, dismissed, contempt of court, harassment, failure to appear.

•Ray Coclough, Northwood Drive, Huntingdon, dismissed, assault.

•James Alan Ethridge, Old Stage Road, Huntingdon, dismissed, driving while revoked-second offense.

•Tommy Wayne Jones, Welton Street, Milan, dismissed, driving while suspended.

•Kieyren Arzelle Jordan, High Street, Huntingdon, dismissed, joyriding.

•Paul Moore, McKenzie, dismissed, criminal trespass.

•Marshall Thompson, Hamilton Street, McKenzie, dismissed, driving while suspended.

• • •

The following cases were settled through pre-trial diversion:

•Gina L. Alas, Elm Street, McKenzie, pre-trial diversion on criminal trespass, no contact with McKenzie Housing Authority.

•Christopher Chaney, Clark Street, Huntingdon, pre-trial diversion, under 21 years possession of beer, 20 hours of community service, unsupervised probation.

•Deaaron Diggs, Walnut Circle, McKenzie, pre-trial diversion, schedule VI drugs – manufacture, deliver, sell, or possess, $250 fine, supervised probation, driving school, three random drug screens.

•Roy Glenn Mullins, Florida Avenue, McKenzie, assault-physical contact, no contact with victim.

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