Carroll County General Sessions

The following defendants were bound over to the Grand Jury last week in Carroll County General Sessions Court:

•Kasey Lemke, Green Valley Road, Huntingdon, bound over on burglary-auto, theft of property, tampering with evidence, aggravated assault, domestic assault, robbery.

•James C. Kyle, Lexington Street, Huntingdon, bound over on charge of robbery; guilty of possession of drug paraphernalia, $150 fine, dismissed theft, dismissed, failure to appear.

• • •

These following cases resulted in a guilty conviction or plea:

•David Christian, Grove Road, Paris, guilty, failure to appear, probation violation, 90 days jail.

•Amanda Farlow, Walnut Circle, McKenzie, guilty, domestic assault, 10 days jail, supervised probation, 11/29.

•Chelsea Lancaster, Hudson Lane, Paris, guilty, public intoxication, $50 fine.

•William Raspa, Tumbling Creek Road, McKenzie, guilty, criminal impersonation, failure to appear, $50 fine, 10 days jail, dismissed, driving while suspended.

•Brian William Sawyer, Highland Drive, McKenzie, guilty, driving while revoked, $50 fine, guilty, domestic assault, mental health evaluation ordered.

•Cameron Townes, Cedar Street, Gleason, guilty, false imprisonment, 10 days jail, supervised probation for 11/19, complete anger management; guilty, domestic assault, $100 fine; dismissed, joyriding, simple possession, interference with emergency call.

•Dana Young, Cold Springs Road, Paducah, guilty, driving while license canceled, $500 fine, unsupervised probation.

• • •

The following cases were adjudicated through pre-trial diversion:

•Samantha Louise Cowen, Walnut Circle, McKenzie, pre-trial diversion, domestic assault, no contact with victim, unsupervised probation, continue mental health treatment.

•Joe Calvin Harvey, East Main, Huntingdon, pre-trial diversion, aggravated cruelty to animals, unsupervised probation for 11/29, not to own or harbor animals for a year, except two elderly German shepherds.

•Caleb Martin, McDonald Rd., Atwood, pre-trial diversion, false report-solicitation, 40 hours of community service, unsupervised probation for 11/29.

•Casey Shepherd, Highway 104, Cedar Grove, pre-trial diversion, vandalism, supervised probation, three random drug screens.

•Robert C. Warren, Jr., 1421 Fields School Road, McKenzie, pre-trial diversion, criminal trespass, no contact with McKenzie Inn/Avery Properties.

• • •

The following cases were dismissed:

•Tony R. Horner, N. Main Street, Dyer, dismissed, failure to appear.

•Donald Alan Jastrezembski, Forrest, Camden, dismissed, casual exchange, failure to appear.

•Lloyd Sawyer, Winchester Street, McKenzie, dismissed, theft of property.

•Marshall Thompson, Hamilton Street, McKenzie, dismissed, registration expired.

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