Carroll County General Sessions

The following cases were bound over to the Grand Jury last week in Carroll County General Sessions Court:

•David Bradley, Patsy Lane, Cedar Grove, was bound over on charges of aggravated assault, domestic assault, driving while suspended, violation of financial responsibility law, and driving an unregistered vehicle on highway.

•Eric Dewayne Milton, Johnson Street, Trezevant, was bound over on DUI-sixth or subsequent offense, schedule II drugs-cocaine, possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia, and driver failing to exercise due care.

•Earnest Gene Moudy, Jr., Cheatham Street, Bruceton, bound over on schedule II drugs-manufacture, deliver, sell, or possess, and unlawful drug paraphernalia.

• • •

The following cases resulted in a guilty verdict or plea:

•Stephanie D. Bolin, 66 Cades-Atwood Road, Milan, Tenn., guilty, simple possession, unlawful drug paraphernalia, $250 and $150 fines respectively, probation for 11/29; dismissed charges of theft, burglary.

•Billy Borum, Magnolia Avenue, McKenzie, guilty, interference with emergency calls, 10 days jail; dismissed, aggravated assault and domestic assault.

•Elizabeth Crocker, Eli Brown Road, McKenzie, guilty, probation violation, 30 days jail.

•Leslee Greenwall, Maiden Cemetery Road, Camden, guilty, driving on revoked-second or later offense, failure to appear, resist stop or arrest,  $600 fine, 45 days in jail, supervised probation.

•Shannon Miller, Highland Street, Bruceton, guilty, assault, supervised probation for 11/29; dismissed, aggravated assault.

•William Curtis Milton, Booker Street, McKenzie, guilty, domestic assault, supervised probation, complete anger management.

•Howard Glen Sanford, Highway 22, Huntingdon, guilty, probation violation, public intoxication, failure to appear, 90 days jail,  supervised probation for 11/29; dismissed, resisting stop or arrest, driving while suspended, driving while revoked-second or subsequent offense.

•Daren Scott, Anvada, Colorado, guilty, DUI-first offense, $350 fine, 48 hours jail, not to drive for one year; dismissed, implied consent.

•Seven Sequan Naurice Stewart, Paris, guilty, reckless driving, six months supervised probation; dismissed, violation of financial responsibility, failure to carry registration certificate.

•Cynthia Jane Swoveland, Highway 79, Atwood, guilty, possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia, theft,  $150 fine, supervised probation, 10 days in jail; dismissed charges of burglary.

•Jennifer Vanwetter, Highland Drive, McKenzie, guilty, joyriding – unauthorized use of vehicle, probation violation, six months jail, restitution to victim, supervised probation for 11/29; dismissed, driving while suspended, lack of financial responsibility, speeding, failure to appear, and criminal trespassing.

•Channon Lee Williams, Big Sandy River Rd., Camden, guilty, driving while revoked-second or subsequent offense, 10 days jail, supervised probation 11/19, random drug tests.

•Dakota Williams, Dollar Road, Humboldt, guilty, failure to appear, simple possession, $800 fine, 48 hours in jail.

• • •

The following cases were dismissed:

•Cyndie Loyd, Hazel, Kentucky, dismissed, assault.

•Howard Glen Sandford, dismissed, failure to appear.

•Sandra Ann Sayles, Davidson Street, Camden, dismissed, driving while revoked-second or later offense.

•Michael Lamont Utley, Old Pisgah Road, Bruceton, dismissed, aggravated assault.

• • •

The following cases resulted in a pre-trial diversion:

•Brandy Hardin, Green Oaks, Huntingdon, pre-trial diversion on public intoxication.

•Jarobyn Tomlin, Ashley Nichole Lane, Smyrna, pre-trial diversion on arrest flight, $1000 fine, 10 days in jail, 40 hours of community service, unsupervised probation.

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