Carroll County General Sessions

The following cases were bound over to the Grand Jury last week in Carroll County General Sessions Court:

•Steven Lee Owens, Herrondale West Road, Henry, Bound Over for Reckless Endangerment-Vehicle/Felony, Evading Arrest Flight-Vehicle, Theft of Property-$2,500 – $10,000, DUI-First Offense, Evading Arrest, and Window Tint Violation; Dismissed charges of Worthless Checks-Up To $1,000 and Failure To Appear.

•Brian Parker, 6th Avenue, Huntingdon, Bound Over for 2 counts Schedule II Drugs: MFG, DEL, SELL, POSS, SCHEDULE VI Drugs: MFG, DEL, SELL, POSS, and Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia.

•Joseph Parenti, Stonewall Street N, McKenzie, Bound over for Simple Possession/Casual Exchange.

•Steven Chad Ross, Field School Road, McKenzie, Bound Over for Community Supervision Violation and Driving While License Revoked.

• • •

The following cases resulted in guilty verdicts or guilty pleas:

•William M. Blackard, Rochelle Road, McKenzie, Guilty of Driving While License Revoked Due to DUI Conviction, 30 days jail,  report by 5/9/22, and 10/29 unsupervised probation; Dismissed charge of Failure To Appear.

•Joshua Boone, Clay Farm Road, Atwood, Guilty of Theft Up To $1,000, 11/29 sentence suspended except for 90 days/already in custody, 8mo/29day supervised probation, no contact with Huntingdon business.

•Kristie Cerk, Forrest Avenue, McKenzie, Guilty of Vandalism Up To $1,000, $50 fine, 30 days jail, no contact with victim or property, $250 restitution, 10/29 supervised probation, report to jail by 3/28/22; Dismissed charges of Burglary-Other than Habitation-ATT-FAC 2 counts, and Public Intoxication.

•Steven E. Crawford, E. Main Street, Trezevant, Guilty of Probation Violation, 30 days jail, report by 4/18/22; Dismissed charges of Driving While License Revoked-2nd or subsequent offense and Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia.

•Marquavius Cunningham, Seymour Loop, Humboldt, Guilty of Simple Possession/Casual Exchange, $250 fine and court costs and 11/29 unsupervised probation; Dismissed charges of Driving While License Suspended, Speeding, and Theft Up To $1,000.

•Eron Dunagan, Buena Vista Road, Huntingdon, Probation Violation, 90 days jail and report to jail by 4/25/22.

•Katherine Michelle Holmes, Bonnie Drive, Plant City, Florida, DUI-First Offense, $350 fine and court costs, 48 Hrs, report to jail 4/8/22, 11mo/27days supervised probation and driving privileges revoked for 1 year; Dismissed charges of Resisting Arrest and Open Container Violation.

•Whitney Kirkpatrick, N. Main Street, McKenzie, Guilty of Failure To Appear, 11/29 sentence to serve, Time served, In Custody, Unsupervised probation.

•Yamou Saheed Jordan, Jones Street, Huntingdon, Guilty of Probation Violation, 10 days jail, report 4/15/22 weekends allowed; Bound Over for Possession of Schedule VI Drugs, Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia, and Driving While License Suspended.

•Nicholas Maglior, Skyview Street, Paris, Guilty of Reckless Endangerment-No Weapon Involved, 30 days jail, already in custody, 10mo/29day supervised probation, Alcohol/drug evaluation and counseling, credit jail time if successfully complete and follow all treatment recommendations; Dismissed charges of Driving While License Suspended-2nd or subsequent offense, Speeding, Reckless Driving, Registration Violation, Financial Responsibility Law Violation, and Drivers To Exercise Due Care.

•Jason B. Nolin, Hwy 79, Trezevant, Guilty of Domestic Assault, 30 days jail, report to jail 5/2/22, and 10mo/29day unsupervised probation.

•Heather Nicole Perez, Springhill Church Road, Huntingdon, Guilty of Allowing Dog To Run At Large, $50 fine and court costs.

•Jason Todd Perry, Hamilton Street, Atwood, guilty of Domestic Assault and Vandalism Up To $1,000, 90 days jail, Report by 6/6/22, 20Mos/29days supervised probation, and $1,260 restitution to victim and court costs, and no contact with victim; Dismissed charges of Violation Of Protection/Restraining Order, Aggravated Assault, and Stalking-MISD

•Charlotte Ann Winberry, Main Street, Atwood, Guilty of Theft Up To $1,000, 11mo/29day supervised probation, $49 restitution to Huntingdon business, and no contact with business.

• • •

The following case resulted in a pre-trial or judicial diversion:

•Ethan DePriest, Bridgeman Street, Huntingdon, Pre-Trial Diversion for Simple Possession/Casual Exchange, 6 months jail, 6 months, unsupervised probation, A&D assessment and follow all recommendations, review 9/14/22; Dismissed charge of Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia-Attempt.

• • •

The following cases were dismissed:

•Marvin Church, Old McKenzie Road, McKenzie, Dismissed charge of Assault-Bodily Injury.•David Lee Hampton, Hollowell Road, Buena Vista, Dismissed charge of Domestic Assault.

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