Carroll County General Sessions

The following cases were bound over to the Grand Jury last week in Carroll County General Sessions Court:

•Timothy Goode, Trenton Highway, Bradford, (also listed at Bryant Street, Trezevant) bound over on charge of failure to appear, theft, evading arrest-flight, driving while suspended, speeding.

•John Othello Hightower, Cole Street, McKenzie, bound over on burglary, failure to appear, and found guilty on theft of merchandise, 11/29 sentence suspended, $565 restitution, no contact with retailer.

•Alex Walden, Ogburn Street, Paris, bound over on charge of meth-manufacturing, delivery, sale or possession with intent, simple possession, unlawful drug paraphernalia, improper lane change.

•Taryn E. Walker, Douglas Drive, Camden, bound over on Schedule VI Drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, meth-manufacture, delivery, sale, or possession with intent.

•Steven Strausbaugh, Clarksville, bound over on charge of aggravated assault.

• • •

The following cases resulted in a guilty plea or finding:

•Jonathan Gant, Glendale Avenue, Trenton, guilty, assault -physical contact, 11/29 unsupervised probation, no contact with victim.

•Jamie Garrison, Highway 104, Cedar Grove, guilty, theft, two days jail, 11/29 sentence, suspended, no contact with victim; dismissed, failure to appear.

•Brian Hayden Hicks, Thompson School Road, Camden, guilty, DUI-first offense, 48 hours jail, 11/27 supervised probation; dismissed, implied consent, open container, and failure to exercise due care.

•Clinton Hoard, Forrest Brook Dr., Memphis, guilty, disorderly conduct, 30 days in custody, dismissed, probation violation.

•Rockel Humphrey, Southern Street, Jackson, guilty, probation violation, 30 days suspended jail-already in custody; dismissed, failure to appear.

•Rachel Shantell Scott, Cotton Creek Road, Bruceton, guilty, unlawful drug paraphernalia, alcohol and drug assessment, 11/29 suspended sentence.

• • •

The following cases were dismissed:

•Charles L. Johnson, Park Lane, McKenzie, dismissed, aggravated assault, domestic assault.

•Darrell McGowan, New Mexico, dismissed, driving while suspended, violation of financial responsibility, violation of vehicle registration.

•Angel Kirsten Medved, Cades-Atwood Road, Milan, dismissed, theft.

•Johnathan Earl Moore, Jax Road, Atwood, dismissed, aggravated assault, possession of a handgun by convicted felon.

•Darrin R. Sheffield, Laurel Street, Bruceton, dismissed, failure to appear.

•Michelle Strausbaugh, Pappy Drive, Oak Grove, Kentucky, dismissed, aggravated assault.

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