Carroll County FCE Council members hear plans for year

The County Council meeting was held at the conference room of the County Office Complex.  The meeting was opened with the thought, “Attitude is everything.”  Make positive choices.

The first item on the agenda was to update everyone’s personal information.  A cluster meeting was announced to be held in Waverly at the fairgrounds on January 27.  Register for this meeting by January 20.  $15.00 will be collected at the door to pay for the meal.  A reminder was given that every FCE member has to be registered as a volunteer and instructions were given on how to do so.  You can contact Lacy, the extension agent, for more info or questions.

The importance of reporting your CVU hours were covered.  West Tennessee turned in a total of 1, 497,500 hours.  They use this data to help fund programs in our county.  If you start now keeping up with the hours they will count toward 2024.  CVUs are turned in by 500-hour increments.  You can go back as far as two years when recording, plus the current year (3 years total).  Anything you do for someone else, (not family or church related) counts.  That includes the hours spent driving to and from or preparing.

When someone asks you what FCE is, what do you say?  Family Community and Education is what FCE stands for but what does it mean?  How do you tell someone who doesn’t know what your club does?  Some say we are like an adult version of 4-H.  But are we?  Do we do poster contests?  Speech contests?  Animals?  NO, we are a service organization that helps in the community.  Get the word out!

Yearbooks are still waiting on some dates to come down from district and state, but will available before February club meetings.  We need to review our goals for 2023. 

Spring Rally this year will be April 27 at 10:00 at the complex in the kitchen.  Hostess will be Bethel/Eastside.  A chairperson is needed for Cultural Arts and Fashion review.

It has been suggested that as a county group (both clubs), that we host a larger event to raise awareness of FCE in our county and possibly raise funds for our account to support those wanted to attend more leadership opportunities. A Christmas Bizarre or heritage craft days were a couple of quick mentions. Ideas are to be discussed more at a later date.

There were 12 members present.

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