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Carroll County Chamber Launches Picker’s Paradise

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One of the current trends in tourism development is the day trip.  The Carroll County Chamber of Commerce is launching a campaign to bring visitors to Carroll County to shop.  The first effort in this campaign is the Carroll County Picker’s Paradise, which is a marketing effort designed to bring attention to the number of antique offerings in the county.  This is one of the programs the Chamber will be focusing on to drive visitors to the county for one-day excursions.  It is also a part of the Chamber’s initiative for local citizens to “Shop Local,” which has been an ongoing campaign for the Chamber. 

The Picker’s Paradise flyer is an easy-to-read directory of the businesses in the county that sell antiques and provides business information and days of operation. 

To download the new Picker’s Paradise flyer and to learn more about Carroll County, visit  visitcarrolltn.com.

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