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  • Car rear-ends school bus in Clarksburg One man injured, no children hurt

Car rear-ends school bus in Clarksburg One man injured, no children hurt

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Children riding the bus home from school and their parents had a bit of scare Friday afternoon when a car crashed into the back of a school bus on Highway 22 in Clarksburg.

A passenger in the car sustained minor injuries, but none of the 22 children on the bus or the bus driver were hurt.

According to information from Lt. Brad Wilbanks with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, a school bus driven by Karen Murphy was traveling southbound on Highway 22 and had just stopped to let children off near the Chumney Lane intersection.

Arianna P. Whaley, 21, of Chapel Hill was driving a 2004 Toyota Corolla southbound behind the bus, and she failed to see that the bus was stopped with the stop sign out and lights flashing.

Whaley’s car struck the bus in the rear with the front end of the vehicle going underneath the bus, pealing back the car’s hood, cracking the windshield, and causing minor injuries to passenger Cleveland A. Tingle, 23, of McKenzie.

Tingle was transported by ambulance to Baptist Memorial Hospital-Carroll County for treatment.

Little damage was done to the school bus.

Several parents came to the scene of the wreck to pick up their children.

The remaining children were transferred to another bus, which was called in to finish out Murphy’s route.

Both Tingle and Whaley were wearing seatbelts.

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