Car Collecting Tips for Beginners

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Have you finally taken the step from just dreaming about car collecting to considering your first purchase? If so, congratulations on taking that first step! Collecting cars has become a classic American hobby that excites anyone from antique collectors to mechanics. If you’re ready to make the first step, here are some car collecting tips for beginners.

Make Some Space

Any hobby involving cars is going to take up a lot of space, whether it’s in your garage or outside on your property; however, collecting cars takes up a lot more space since you’ll constantly be adding to and moving around your collection. Carefully consider the types of cars you will be collecting and what kind of environment they’re “happiest” in. If you are collecting more pristine, rarer cars, leaving them outside exposed to the elements won’t keep them in a presentable state. Cars that you are retaining solely for the parts can stay outside, but anything that might be the cream of the crop would be best inside.

Consider Your Theme

If you stay on theme with your collection, you will likely attract more enthusiasts or buyers than if you collect a little bit of everything. It also helps with organization so that your collection doesn’t grow out of hand. Keeping a theme can also assist with fixing the cars up, as you learn the quirks that come with your particular theme’s cars, or what sort of climate they need to be in. Themes can be brands, eras, or types of cars. Collecting according to a theme also helps if you decide to catalog your collection on your website, as it will be easier to get noticed online.

Keep Everything Documented

Whenever you buy a car, or even a part, document it in a spreadsheet. This will help you down the line if you plan on having a large collection. Knowing what you have is useful in case of a worst-case scenario, like a break-in or disaster, and also for selling in the future. Store the spreadsheet digitally if you can, and keep it secure so only you or trusted individuals can see it.

Get Involved in the Community!

Beginning your adventure as a car collector is an exciting new period of your life! Share your experiences with others on forums or social media. Once you’ve got a piece of your collection, try taking it to a show. Make sure you clean and fix it up before you show it so that you make a big splash in your local car collecting community. Try to take before-and-after pictures, when relevant, to post on social media. Staying connected helps you build a reputation that you can then use to buy more cars or sell current cars. Veteran car collectors can give you more car collecting tips as well. Most importantly, have fun doing what you love and getting involved in the exciting world of car collection!

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