Candidates qualify Nov. 8 election

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The qualifying deadline for city officials ended Aug. 18. They will run in the Nov. 8 election.

There are quite a number of candidates who want to be involved in city government.

Atwood has the largest number of candidates running for mayor. After a number of years in office, James Halford is not running again.

Fridie Algee, Jr., Taylor Coulter, Ricky G. Long and Mike Tolley are all candidates for the four-year term for mayor.

Christopher James Cannon, Jim Lewis and Randall D. Long are running for the two positions for aldermen.

McKenzie and Bruceton mayors have opposition, but only in one other person.

Incumbent Mayor Jill Holland in McKenzie is being opposed by Ryan D. Griffin.

Josefina Batton is running for a two year unexpired term.

Four other candidates are running for three four year terms. They include Tom Alexander, Bobby L. Young,  Carol J. Armpriest, and Gerald Merchant. Batton and Young are the incumbents.

In Bruceton, Mayor Robert T. Keeton III is being challenged by Dallas R. Wade. Two aldermen will be elected. The candidates are Jack R. Blocker, and James A. Butler.

In Hollow Rock, one of the present alderman, Bobby Brotherton is the only candidate for mayor. He is also the present fire chief. Mayor Rob Woods is not running. There is one two-year- term and three four year terms that are to be filled. Candidates are Zachary Clement and Angela Stockdale,

In Huntingdon there  are four council members to be elected, one-two year term and three four year terms. Qualified are Kelly B. Eubanks, Andrew Maddox, John L. Sanders, Will Atkins and Will Atkins.

In Trezevant there are three alderman positions to be filled. The candidates are Don Barger, Dan Dieringer, Pamela D. Joyner and Steve Richardson.

In McLemoresville a mayor and five aldermen are to be elected. 

Mayor Phil Williams has qualified along with six candidates for aldermen who are Sharron Holland, Angie Martin, John Newsome, Jr., Mike Presson, Don T. Reed and Lana Y. Suite.

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