Candidates qualify for Nov. 3 elections

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The Carroll County Election Commission has released a list of candidates whose petitions have been approved for municipal, state, and U.S. offices up for the vote in the upcoming Nov. 3 elections.

The Nov. 3 ballot will include races for Huntingdon Town Council, Huntingdon Mayor, McKenzie City Council, Bruceton Board of Aldermen, Trezevant Board of Aldermen, Trezevant Mayor, Hollow Rock Board of Aldermen, Atwood Board of Aldermen, Tennessee House of Representatives District 76, State Senate District 24, and U.S. congressional seats.

The ballot for Huntingdon will also include a referendum regarding on-premises sales of alcoholic beverages.

Local elections in Clarksburg and McLemoresville will not be held again until November of 2022.

The deadline for submitting petitions was August 20 at noon, though those wishing to run but who failed to make the deadline can still qualify as a write-in candidate. Anyone wishing to run as a write-in candidate must fill out a form at the Carroll County Election Commission Office before noon on September 14.

• • •


Four town council seats in Huntingdon will be up for grabs for four-year terms on Nov. 3, including those of current elected council members Carl Byars, Charles Hodges, Nina Smothers, and Tim Tucker.

All four have qualified for the election with no challengers filing petitions.

The terms of current council members Kelly Eubanks, Andrew Maddox, and John Sanders do not expire until November of 2022.

Mayor Dale Kelley is also up for re-election Nov. 3, and he has qualified without any challengers.

The Huntingdon referendum will offer voters the choice of either voting either for or against “legal sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises in the Town of Huntingdon.”

Jeffery Pendergrass submitted the petition to have that referendum placed on the November ballot.

• • •


The terms of current McKenzie City Council members Charles Pruneau (Ward 6), Debbie Riley (Ward 4), and Jessie Townes (Ward 1) will all expire Nov. 3, though only Riley, who was appointed to the council back in July of last year, has qualified.

According Carroll County Administrator of Elections Peg Hamlett, Pruneau, a longtime councilman, filed a petition, but due to a problem with some of the names submitted, he wasn’t able to make the deadline. Pruneau, however, can still qualify as a write-in candidate if he makes the Sept. 14 deadline.

It is not clear if Townes, who was elected four years ago, will be seeking re-election, and no other candidates submitted petitions to run for council positions, which are all for four-year terms.

The terms of council members Brian Winston, Jason Martin, and Bobby Young, as well as that of Mayor Jill Holland, expire in November 2022.

• • •


Three aldermen seats are opening up Nov. 3 for four-year terms, including those of current elected aldermen Cliff Sturdivant, Frank McGee, and Scotty Higdon.

Higdon and Sturdivant have qualified for the election, along with newcomer Chris Cole.

It is not known whether or not McGee will seek re-election.

Terms for current aldermen James Butler and Joey Simmons and current mayor Bob Keeton III all expire in November of 2022.

• • •


The Town of Trezevant has three alderman seats and the mayor’s position coming up for election for four-year terms in November.

Current aldermen Robert M. Argo, Christy Creyssels, and Leon Lyell have all qualified for the election without challengers. All three were appointed to the board.

Bobby Blaylock, the current elected mayor, has also qualified without any challengers.

The positions of current elected aldermen Pam Joyner and Eddie Granger come up for re-election in November 2022.

• • •

Hollow Rock

Three alderman seats are up for the vote for four-year terms on Nov. 3, including those of current elected alderman Curt Lumley and appointed aldermen Michael Smith and Morris Rogers.

Lumley and Rogers have qualified, and Smith is not seeking election in November.

No other candidates submitted petitions.

The terms of current aldermen Bobby Brotherton and Angela Stockdale and current mayor Rob Woods do not expire until November 2022.

• • •


Two alderman seats are up for election for four-year terms in November in Atwood.

Expiring in November are the terms of current elected aldermen Jimmy Halford, Jr. and Ricky Long, and while Long has qualified for the election, Halford is not seeking re-election.

Newcomers Taylor Coulter and Mike Tolley have also qualified for the alderman race.

Coming up for re-election in November 2022 are aldermen Jimmy Lewis and L.N. McNabb, as well as Mayor James Halford, Sr.

• • •

State Races

Jeffery Washburn has qualified as an independent candidate for the Tennessee House of Representatives seat in District 76.

He will be vying for that position with Tandy Darby, who won the Republican nomination. Current Rep. Andy Holt is not seeking re-election.

Independent candidate Yahweh Yahweh has qualified for the race for the District 24 State Senate seat to go up against incumbent Senator John Stevens, who won the Republican nomination.

• • •

U.S. Races

The Nov. 3 ballot will feature a choice between Republican nominee Bill Hagerty and Democratic nominee Marquita Bradshaw for the opening U.S. Senate seat of Lamar Alexander, who is retiring.

For the U.S. House District 8 seat, incumbent Republican nominee David Kustoff will be vying with Democratic nominee Erika Stotts Pearson.

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