Cake auction to benefit inclusion playground project

BEAUTIFUL CAKES – Cakes similar to these will be auctioned off Feb. 11-13 through Friends of City Parks Facebook.

There will be a “Kickoff and Kisses Cake Auction” to benefit Friends of Huntingdon City Parks Inclusion Playground Project For Carroll County from Feb. 11 until noon on Feb. 13.  This will be a Facebook auction from the Friends of Huntingdon City Parks page.

This park will have equipment where children of all ages and abilities cam play together. This will be a universally designed , sensory-rich environment that enables all children to develop physically, socially and emotionally.

   There will be 10 (12 inch, three layered) cakes to be auctioned. . These cakes will highlight the culinary works of Michelle Crowell and her upper level students at the Carroll County T technical Center. Currently, the group has $22,450,69 in the bank and are in the process of applying for grants.

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