Busy week for Huntingdon basketball

JUMPER – Huntingdon’s Sydney Anderson gets off a jump shot during the Fillies’ win over Milan.
SPLITTING DEFENDERS – Huntingdon’s Jeb Atkinson splits a pair of Milan defenders in the Mustangs’ loss to the Bulldogs.

Last week was a busy one for Huntingdon basketball as the Fillies and Mustangs played three games for the week, celebrated homecoming on Tuesday, held senior night on Thursday, and played their last regular season game on Friday. The Fillies defeated Milan on Tuesday 74-39 and Carroll Academy on Thursday 95-23, but lost to Westview on Friday 61-34. The Mustangs lost to Milan 67-37, defeated Carroll Academy 64-31, and lost at Westview 71-54.

In the Fillies win over Milan, the win cinched the four seed for the district tournament. The Fillies were led in scoring by Lilly Kee and Sydney Anderson with 13 each, followed by Lia Fuller 11, S. Singleton 9, Smith 7, Kelley 6, A. Singleton 5, Rich 4, Byars 3, and Stokes 3. Kadence Morton led the Lady Bulldogs with 12.

Eleven different players scored for the Fillies in their win over Carroll Academy, including Sara Beth Smith out front with 32, Annabeth Crews 14, Ashlyn Rich 13, A. Singleton 6, Stokes 6, Harris 6, S. Singleton 5, Byars 5, Anderson 2, Kee 2, and Cary 2. Keelee Cook scored 15 for the Lady Jaguars, Geer 4, and Cochrane 4.

The Fillies finished their regular season on the road and fell to the Lady Chargers in their last district game of the season. Sophie Singleton was the only Fillies player to score in double figures with 10, followed by Kee and Byars with 6 apiece, Smith and A. Singleton with 4 each, and Anderson and Stokes with two each. Miss Basketball finalist Jada Harrison led Westview with 22 and McCall Sims scored 13.

The Fillies committed 20 turnovers in the loss and ended the regular season with a 13-12 overall record and 2-6 in the district. They were scheduled to host Milan in the first round of the district tournament on Monday night before press time.

The Mustangs struggled offensively in their loss to Milan at home for homecoming, scoring only 37 points in the loss. Jeb Atkinson led the Mustangs with 10, followed by Smith 6, Bartholomew 5, Ramsey 3, Smothers 3, Kelley 3, Irvine 2, Bryant 2, Pearson 2, and Lewis 1. Gabe Scott led Milan with 17, and Jodarius Robinson scored in double figures with 11.

The Mustang had 13 different players score in their win over Carroll Academy, led by Landon Gordon with 15, followed by Atkinson 9, Bartholomew 8, Ramsey 7, Lewis 5, Kelley 5, Smith 4, Irvine 2, Bailey 2, Bennett 2, Bryant 2, Willis 2, and Smothers 1. Carroll Academy was led by Kalip Ross with 15, followed by Kris Sneed 10, Witt 3, and Crowe 2.

The Mustangs played well in the first quarter at Westview on Friday and led 17-14 at the end of the first quarter. But they were outscored 57-34 in the final three quarters for the loss. The Mustangs were led by Atkinson with 15, followed by Kelley 8,  Ramsey 6, Irvine 6, Gordon 5, Flowers 4, Smith 4, Hutcherson 3, and Pearson 3. Houston Baker led Westview with 19, Cade Spaulding scored 15, and Garner Anderson added 11.

The Mustangs finished the regular season with an 8-17 record overall and 0-8 in the district. They were scheduled to open the district tournament on the road at Union City Tuesday, Feb. 15.

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