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Budget amendments passed on to Legislative Body

The Carroll County Budget Committee finalized budget amendments at the Jan. 19 meeting that will be placed on the Feb. 13th agenda of the Carroll County Legislative Body meeting.

There are sseven amendments that are to be brought up.

One is for $5,000 for the Office on Aging that will be used for Ipads, Wi-Fi router, and other technology and office equipment.

One is for $242,000 for the County Health Dept. for a metal awning, med-room renovations, and replacement of a  generator. The entire amount will be reimbursed by the state of Tennessee.

One is for $50,000 for voting machines.

One is for $6,000 for the Carroll County Prevention Coalition for an increase in salaries and benefits to $43,465.

One is for $20,000 for a grant received, but was not included in the original budget, for the Carroll County Prevention Coalition. It will be used for office supplies, telephone costs, postage, printing, trainings and conferences required for Prevention specialist and advertising.

One is for County Mayor Joseph Butler’s office for $18,897. It is for a grants’ coordinator for the county for Feb. – June.

One is for the Sheriff’s Office for $107,706. It is for year one of  a 3 year evidenced-based programming safety grant. It is 100 percent state-funded reimbursement grant.

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