Bruceton’s need for sewer grinder initiates call meeting

The Town of Bruceton’s Mayor and Board of Aldermen’s special call meeting on Jan. 21 was held to take care of a time sensitive matter concerning the sewer grinder that needed replacing.

 Besides agreeing to make the sewer grinder purchase, two more agenda items concerning the purchase of two police vehicles were passed.

Mayor Bob Keeton said the sewer grinder would costs $12,777 and  it would take three or four weeks to fill the order. The one the new one will be replacing was purchased in 2006.

Water Supervisor Brian Edwards said  the present one is still working, but not properly.

“It has a hole in it that allows a lot of stuff to go through it,” he said.

Alderman Jack Blocker suggested that the COVID funds that the town will receive could possibly be used for the purchase.

However, town recorder Annie Hand said the town has a budget for such repairs and emergencies.

“We could use COVID funds for it, but I had rather use them for other things the town needs,” she said.

Police Chief Rick Crossno told about the two vehicles that he wanted to purchase for the department.

One of the vehicles had previously belonged to the sheriff’s department in Mayfield, Ky. and was listed with 55,000 miles through Gov.Deals. Aldermen voted to bid up to $40,000 on it. It has since been learned that the bid was not sufficient for the purchase.

The other vehicle will be purchased from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department. It has a new transmission and is in good shape, although it has 160,000 miles on it, said Crossno. It has a price tag of $20,000 and will probably wind up costing about $27,000 when fully equipped. Radios will also have to be purchased.

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