Bruceton’s downtown street closed due to demolition

SUGGESTIONS – Bruceton citizen Jane Bannister made three requests to update the town during the Aug. 9 board meeting. She requested a welcome, sign, Christmas decorations and flags for the city park.



Starting Aug. 15 Maple Street in Bruceton was closed and will probably be for at least a month due to the demolition of several downtown dilapidated buildings, Mayor Bob Keeton informed board members at the Aug. 9 meeting. Maple Street runs through the heart  of town to the  railroad tracks.

At the meeting last month a bid was awarded to Joseph N. Foster to tear the buildings down at a cost of $142,500.

The rules were suspended in order for board members to consider barricades and signage that needs to be put up to keep traffic off Maple Street.

But board members balked at the town having to foot the bill for the barricades and signs because they thought the contractor should be responsible for the costs.

“It’s a liability issue and the town needs to have barricades,” said the mayor.

Alderman Jack Blocker said vehicles would have to detour through Pine Street to avoid the demolition process.

Vice Mayor Cliff Sturdivant wanted to know why the town had to have barricades.

“We are the owners of the property and the barricades protect the town,” said Keeton.

Alderman Chris Cole said when a company takes on a job such as this there are things they need to do.

He also pointed out that it will involve the police department at night.

Sturdivant’s motion to hire a company for $3,150 to put up barricade and reflective signage failed tor the lack of a second.

However, Albright of Jackson has since been contacted and agreed to put up barricades and signs for $2,400 which is $100 below the cost that a job must be bid.

Sturdivant said the senior citizens will not be able to meet in their building now because of the demolition, but can meet in the community room of the fire station during the twice a month meetings.

Sturdivant said he appreciated learning about the new police officer, Scott Miller.

Citizen Jane Bannister spoke during the meeting about needs that she saw as needs for the town.

She said a painted mural is needed on a welcome sign to Bruceton with the railroad’s round house on it.

The mayor agreed that would be a nice addition.

“We will look into this and get contacts,” Keeton said.

Another suggestion offered by Bannister was that an American flag and state flag be erected at the city park. In addition, she mentioned Christmas decorations for the town.

The mayor agreed some Christmas lights would be nice.

In new business aldermen passed a motion to pay water treatment plant lab equipment invoices of$5,726.68 and $4,520.39..

In comments from the mayor, he said the town is in need of a worker employee and an application can be picked up at city hall. In other news, he noted that Jarrett Dunbar has been hired as the town’s water operator.

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