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Bruceton will get water upgrades with ARPA funds



The Town of Bruceton’s Water and Sewer Department will get upgrades and improvements amounting to almost a million dollars through the Federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

 At the Town of Bruceton’s Oct. 11 meeting, aldermen passed a resolution to accept the funds.

TDEC has appropriated $755,480.75 and Carroll County transferred $155,000of of its state designated TDEC ARPA allocation and $50,000 of its federal direct ARPA allocation to the Town of Bruceton to be used for needed improvements in the drinking water and wastewater system.

The town has received an e-mail from the comptroller’s office concerning the water loss that is being experienced. The town is working on correcting the situation.

The town will purchase a trailer for the Parks and Police Departments from Lusk Trailer Sales of Camden for $3,150. Big Daddy’s Trailers of Paris submitted a bid of $4,500 for a larger trailer. 

However, Public Works director Andy Baker said the smaller one would fit the town’s needs.

Aldermen approved the transfer of equipment from the Police Department to other departments. Some of the pieces of equipment include the sewer machine to the Water Department, a truck to the Fire Department and a skid steer to the Street Department.

Mayor Bob Keeton announced the November meeting would be held on Nov. 7 at 5 p .m. instead of Nov. 8 due to the election that day.

The mayor who is running for reelection said Early Voting starts Oct. 19 and continues through Nov. 3 at the Election Office in Huntingdon. 

Alderman James Butler pointed out that mayoral candidate Dallas Wade had declined an offer to debate the mayor.

Butler said there may be a need for him to show his finances.

Butler also complimented the Police Department on the good job they are doing. However, one of the officers, Jordan Bailey will be leaving Bruceton to go to work for the Jackson Police Department.

He also complimented Holly Watts who works in the Police Department three days a week managing the book work.

Water Operator Jared Dunbar had to be rushed to the hospital last week after an incident on Oct. 11 while working. While on the job on the Bruceton Vale Road, he picked up an object that had powder and pills in it. He became ill and had to be transported to the hospital. However, he is doing well now. The object has been sent to the crime lab, but no word has been received on what it was.

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