Bruceton to update phone system

The Town of Bruceton will update its phone system, according to action taken at the Oct. 13 board meeting.

“Our phone system is outdated,” said Mayor Bob Keeton.

The town will be using Spectrum VOIP. There will be all new phones at city hall, fire department, sewer plant, water plant, maintenance building and police department.

The new system will save the town $2,700 annually.

“It will allow set up of e-mails for the different departments,” said Keeton. “Now the e-mails all come to the town of Bruceton.”

Alderman Scotty Higdon said he saw no reason not to do it.

“If it will save the town money as well as having better service, I see no reason not to do it,” said Higdon who made the motion to make the purchase.

Aldermen voted to authorize the mayor to seek grants after he advised them that the grant cycle begins in February.

Davina Gurschick, a grant writer with Community Development Partners, will seek water and sewer grants specifically for water meters and lift stations, the mayor said.

A request for a streetlight was approved for 29688 Broad Street next to the school. This will be an ongoing expense of $9 per month.

The mayor said he had signed a contract with building inspector Ricky Watkins for $90 per inspection. A new house in town is about to be built which will need inspections made.

Aldermen passed a resolution that adopts guidelines and limitations for the use of deadly and non-deadly force by the police department.

The mayor said there was a need to pass the resolution since there were some changes due to some supreme court decisions.

The policy says that the main responsibility of the police department is to protect the life and property of citizens. In appliance with applicable law, officers shall use only the amount of force necessary and reasonable to accomplish lawful objectives and to control a situation, effect an arrest, overcome resistance to arrest or defend themselves or others from harm.

Officers who use excessive or unauthorized force shall be subject to discipline, up to and including termination, possible criminal prosecution, and civil liability.

In comments from the mayor, he said auditors would be at city hall on Octo. 29 and 30.

He said paving in the amount of $61,990 has been completed. With the small amount of money left over, cold mix and gravel will be purchased that will be used to fix potholes.

The town’s property tax bills have been delayed due to a state problem. He said the town could not accept any tax payments until the state had them downloaded which should be next week.

Keeton noted that Early Voting for the local, state and presidential election began on Oct.14 and ends on Oct. 29 with election day on Nov. 3.

“I urge everyone to vote,” said Keeton, who said he had voted in every local, gubernatorial and presidential election since 1980. “This is the most contentious and uncivil election I have ever seen since I was a child.” Vice Mayor Cliff Sturdivant said he has had some complaints from citizens about areas that need to be

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