Bruceton to make Christmas brighter with decoration purchase


Bruceton plans to have some new Christmas decorations by the time the holiday season rolls around this year.
In looking at a catalog of different decorations, six diamond snowflakes at $420 each were chosen and ten 10-foot Christmas trees at $360 each wee agreed upon. The total for the decorations comes to $6,120.
The city hall will be getting new gutters.
“I would like to see new gutters on city hall,” said Mayor Bob Keeton. Bids will be sought through advertising.
Two invoices were approved for payment. One was to the Tenn. Dept. of Environment and Conservation 2020 Wastewater Lagoon Sewage Treatment Permit Fee for $3,460. The other was $4,800 to John R. Poole, CPA for a 2022 audit.
In the Mayor’s comments, Keeton urged aldermen to contact their local legislators who are state Senator John Stevens, and Representatives Brock Martin and Tandy Darby to pass legislation that would return a share of sales tax to cities.
“The 4.6 percent share would mean about $28,000 for Bruceton,” said Keeton.
At one time a portion of the sales tax was shared with the cities, but in 2002, the state needed the money to get out of a budget crunch.
However, now the state is in excellent financial state, according to what John Stevens said at a Chamber of Commerce legislative session recently. It is House Bill 1187 and Senate Bill 462.
“The city could purchase a lot of things the city needs with that money,” said the mayor.
The mayor also said on Friday work is to begin on the senior citizens roof soon.
Alderman Jack Blocker wanted to know how well property tax revenue was coming in because Feb. 28 is the last day for city homeowners to pay property taxes. City Recorder Annie Hand said they were coming in at a very good rate.
Blocker also brought up a couple of concerns that citizens had reported to him. On Rowland Mill Road, speed signs had different numbers. On one side the speed limit is 30 miles per hour and on the other side it is 25 miles per hour. Street Supervisor Andy Baker said he had changed the 30 to 25 so they would all be the same and reflect the town’s legal speed limit.
Baker also said he had also straightened leaning signs that alderman Chris Cole asked about.
The board was also complimentary of police chief Rick Crossno and the work the officers are doing.
Crossno said at this time he is one officer short.

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