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Bruceton purchases two utility work trucks

PROJECT GRADUATION – Danielle Case, treasurer for Central High School’s Project Graduation, explains a 5k run to the Bruceton Mayor and aldermen that is being planned for March 18 at 3 p.m. The event will be a fund raiser for Project Graduation.



The town of Bruceton will be purchasing two 2023 three quarter ton Chevrolet Silverado trucks at a cost of $38,513.80 each, according to the action of aldermen at the Jan. 10 board meeting.

Street and Parks Dept. Supervisor Andy Baker had requested new utility truck because the two presently being used are 20 years old. They will be be sold at auction. 

A utility bed will be purchased for another truck the town has now at a cost of $10,210.88 from A & G Fleet Co. Two other higher bids for the trailer were submitted by JoMac for $ 14,353.41 and String Fellow for $11,495.

The funds to pay for the trucks and trailer will come from the General Fund and Water Dept. fund and will require a budget amendment, according to town recorder Annie Hand.

Danielle Case, treasurer of Central High School’s upcoming Project Graduation, spoke about a 5K run that will take place on March 18 at 3 p.m. to raise funds for the event.

She said there are 12 sponsors who are giving between $50 and $100 each. Food vendors will be there and will give ten percent of their sales to Project Graduation Water donations will be provided by the banks. The run will start and end at the city park and go down several streets in the area. Funds will have to be raised by graduation which is May 12.

Board members authorized a new signature for the town’s bank account because one employee quit. Cheryl Todd’s name will be taken off and Adria DePriest’s name added.

The rules were suspended to take care of a zoning violation.

  Eric and Amy Campbell own a house at 118 Carroll St. in a single family residential zone. They are renting rooms and are not allowed to do this in this particular zone, according to a town ordinance.

Town attorney Beau Pemberton has advised town officials to turn the matter over to Chancery Court after the couple refused to comply with the ordinance. The town had already sent a letter to the Campbells advising them of the violation.

“We’ve gott a city ordinance that is being broken,” said Mayor Bob Keeton. “It is our responsibility to see that it gets remedied.”

In comments from the mayor, Keeton said he hoped everyone was having a Happy New Year. He brought to the attention of the aldermen that it was time for 12 hours of training through the comptroller’s Office. He said this could be done on line as well as turning in the financial disclosures.

Beer Board Meeting

Bruceton’s Beer Board, comprised of council members, granted a request for an off premise beer permit for Smit Shah. The business is the Old Railroad Spirits, Tobacco & Beer on Broad Street.

The owner passed the background check, Beer Board chairman Bob Keeton noted.

Betty Miller was the former owner of the business.

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