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Bruceton passes ordinance that changes meeting time

Bruceton’s Mayor and Board of Aldermen met for the last 7 p.m. board meeting Tuesday night.

At the next meeting on May 11, the startup time will be 5 p.m.

During the Tuesday night board meeting aldermen voted unanimously to pass the second and final reading on the ordinance that changes the time.

At first, 6 p.m. was under consideration as the new meeting time. However, since town recorder Annie Hand lives about 35 miles away in the West Carroll area, it was agreed that 5 p.m. would be a better time to start.

In other matters, it was noted that the town recorder’s server is in need of being replaced. Aldermen approved the purchase at a cost of $6,489.55 from Local Government.

“It is a budgeted item but aldermen needed to approve it,” said Hand.

Citizen Brian Barnhart was on the agenda to speak about the alley at College Street. He appeared briefly at the meeting, but could not stay, asking that he be placed on the agenda to speak at the May 11 meeting. Hand said he wanted to purchase the alley that is not in use any longer.

Aldermen briefly discussed the replacement of a stop sign at Rowland Mill Road that was damaged when a modular home was being moved to General Forrest Drive.

Aldermen also discussed briefly what they may want to use the stimulus money for that they will soon be receiving from the federal government. One of the designated uses is for water and sewer projects.

The meeting was adjourned after 20 minutes.

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