Bruceton calls for Nov. 3 aldermen election

Through the passage of a resolution at the Aug. 11 meeting, Bruceton’s Town Board requested the Carroll County Election Commission to call for the election of three board members in the Nov. 3 election.

The terms of Cliff Sturdivant, who is serving as the current vice mayor, Scotty Higdon and Frank McGee are up. The qualifying deadline is Aug. 20 at noon for those wishing to be board candidates for the four year terms.

The town has lots of cardboard boxes filled with old business records that are no longer of any use and need to be destroyed. A resolution that was passed during the meeting gives the mayor and board of aldermen the right to authorize the disposal of any permanent paper record after a certain period of time.

Mayor Bob Keeton said the resolution needed to be passed so the town can begin the process of disposing of the records.

“These are business records the town no longer has to have,” said Keeton. “There are no historical records involved at all.”

The first of two required reading on an ordinance that amends the town’s occupational safety and health program passed.

Board members are merely updating the ordinance to comply with state regulations. Should there be a fatality or an accident resulting in the hospitalization of three or more employees, the town must notify the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development of the occurrence within eight hours. All work-related inpatient hospitalizations, amputations, and losses of an eye must be reported to TOSHA within 24 hours.

The 2020-2021 budget will have to be amended to take care of two purchases that board members agreed upon.

Equipment costing $6,721.08 will be bought that will enable the tornado sirens to be set off through E911 dispatchers. The only way the sirens can be set off now is by someone at city hall manually doing it. The problem came about when the Sheriff’s Department changed radio systems.

After suspending the rules, board members agreed to purchase a motor for well No. 6 that will cost $2,700, according to town employee Edwards. The motor went down in the spring. However, Edwards said it would cost at least an additional $1,000 for the installation.

Edwards also reported that possibly six streets will be paved with the $63,000 designated for the project. Bids will be solicited and awarded at a future meeting.

Alderman Joey Simmons said assistance by the volunteers in putting down the sod at the Little League Park was greatly appreciated. It looked very professional, he said.  

In the mayor’s comments, Keeton noted the death of Johnny Fullerton who was a former police chief back in the 60’s.

He urged citizens to continue to safe distance, wash their hands, etc.

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