Bruceton Board hears water meter presentation

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The town of Bruceton is looking at the possibility of putting in automated water meters.

Ron Warren, a representative of Utility Solutions spoke to board members through a conference call. He appeared at the city hall while board members were listening in on his presentation.

“We want to measure every drop of your water,” he said, in selling his idea to board members. “You can lose revenue.”

He informed the board that the town could get the newest technology possible with the meters. The meter readers wouldn’t have to work as hard because they can just drive around and take the readings.

Another advantage is the fact that a leak can be detected within three hours.

Mayor Bob Keeton raised a question about how it would work since there are some houses on the Bruceton – Vale Road outside the city limits.

Warren said they could be served by town employees driving there to get the reading.

 “I think automated water meters would benefit Bruceton greatly,” said Keeton.

No vote was taken on the proposal during the meeting, but the mayor said if the decision was made at a later date to go along with the project that it would have to be put out for bids and a grant would have to be sought.

Three companies submitted paving bids that were reviewed. Water Supervisor Brian Edwards will take a look at the bids and choose the low bidder. The town has allocated a maximum of $63,000 to be used.

Submitting bids were Arrow Paving of Lexington, Wade Paving of Springville and Martin Paving Co. of Medina.

A resolution that adopted an Exposure Control Plan passed. Rules and policies are in the plan that eliminates or minimizes exposure of employees to bloodborne pathogens in accordance with OSHA standards.

The second and final reading on an ordinance passed that amended Title 4 of the BMC relative to the Occupational Safety & Health Program. It authorizes the mayor and board of aldermen to dispose of any permanent paper records after a certain period of time.

In comments from the mayor, Keeton said the town’s present building inspector is no longer certified. When someone becomes available the board will vote on the person. He also said an ad has been placed in the newspaper for a water department trainee.

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