Bruceton beauties chosen in pageants

BABY MISS BRUCETON ROYALTY – Baby Miss Bruceton royalty, infant – age 2, (from left) first maid, Lana Moore, 2, daughter of Paige Coleman; queen, Claudia Baker, 18 months, daughter of Peyton Ellis and Beau Baker; and second maid, Ava Grace Douglas, 2-1/2 years old, daughter of  Tara Ward.

BABY MR. BRUCETON ROYALTY – Baby Mr. Bruceton royalty, infant – age 2 (from left) are king, Knox Tyler Douglas, 1, son of Tara Ward; and first page, Kaystan Johnson, 14 months, son of Kayla Fowler and Trystan Johnson.

TINY MISS BRUCETON ROYALTY – Tiny Miss Bruceton royalty, 3-year-old to Kindergarten, (from left) are first maid, Liliana Robertson, 5, daughter of Debra Robertson and Mitchell Robertson; and queen, Emma Dillingham, 5, daughter of Stephanie Clark and John Dillingham; and second maid, Adilynn Baker, 5, daughter of Kyle Baker and Megan Baker.

LITTLE MISS BRUCETON ROYALTY – Little Miss Bruceton royalty, grades 1-3, (from left) are first maid, Olivia McConahie, 7, first grade, daughter of Jason and Amber Griffin;  queen, Sadie Jo Thomas, 8, second grade, daughter of David and Amanda Thomas;  and second maid, Ella Page, 6, first grade, daughter of Matthew and Sara Page.

MISS PRE-TEEN BRUCETON ROYALTY – Miss Pre-Teen Bruceton royalty, grades 4-6, (from left) first maid, Ava Finley, 11, fifth grade, Chris and Julie Finley; queen, Markennah King, 11, sixth grade, Drew and Brandi King; and second maid, Kaylyn Gray, 11, fifth grade, 

JUNIOR MISS BRUCETON ROYALTY – Junior Miss Bruceton royalty, grades 7-9, (from left) are first maid, McKinley Garrison, 14, 8th grade, daughter of Brittney Rolg; queen, Annabella King, 14, ninth grade; daughter of Drew and Brandi King; and second maid, Willow Emmett, 14, ninth grade, daughter of Ryan and Cathy Emmett. 

MISS BRUCETON ROYALTY – Miss Bruceton royalty, grades 10-12 grades, (from left), first maid, Kailyn Tucker, 16, eleventh grade, daughter of Josh and Samantha Tucker; queen, Aliyah Ford, 17, eleventh grade, daughter of Heather Ford; and second maid, Paris Coleman, 16, eleventh grade, daughter of Misty and Robert White, and Johney and Bethany Coleman.

Raven Trevathan

Raven Trevathan

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