Bruceton Alderman Simmons resigns position

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Alderman Joey Simmons informed members of the Bruceton Mayor and Board of Aldermen at the Aug. 10 meeting that he would be submitting a letter of resignation.

“I have sold my house in town and will be moving to my house out of town,” he said. “I have enjoyed serving on the board.”

According to Mayor Bob Keeton, he submitted the letter the next day.

Simmons said he had learned that a lot of hard work goes into the operation of a town.

Mayor Bob Keeton expressed his appreciation to Simmonds for his service. Keeton said Simmons ‘successor would be appointed at the Sept. 14 meeting. That person will serve out the remainder of Simmons’ term which ends Nov. 2022.

The rules were suspended that allowed the mayor to bring up items not on the agenda.

Keeton pointed out that a person who wishes to remain anonymous has made a substantial donation of outdoor exercise equipment.

“It is very nice and it will be put in the new park in the northeast corner where a parking area can be made,” said the mayor. ”The name of the person will be made known when the project is completed.”

Prior to the acceptance of the equipment, alderman James Butler questioned if there would be any costs to the town.

“Nothing,” said Keeton.

Aldermen agreed to the mayor’s request to turn the town’s tennis courts into basketball courts. It was felt the basketball courts would be more beneficial to the town than the tennis courts that are in a poor state of repair.

A deal with the Jordan family was approved concerning buildings they own in the downtown area. The town will accept the buildings as a charitable donation and then tear them down.

“This action will benefit the town,” said Keeton.

Town employees will have an opportunity to take advantage of voluntary deductions from their paychecks if they so desire. Each one will be given a packet that has the various plans enclosed.

Town Recorder Annie Hand advised aldermen that Bruceton had received state recovery funds through the American Rescue Plan in the amount of $30,202.

“These funds can be spent on projects around town such as sidewalks, paving, senior citizens building, etc.” she said. “There is a time limit on spending the money which is 2024.”

The mayor asks aldermen to bring their ideas on how to spend the funds for discussion at  upcoming board meetings for discussion.

Aldermen authorized opening a bank account for an employee’s pension plan. The account was opened for the sole purpose of disbursement of retirement funds for David McEwen. He retired after 41 years of working in the Street and Parks Dept. and had requested that his retirement be paid monthly.

The first of two required readings on an ordinance that amended the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) Program to ensure compliance with changes in the law passed.

In other matters, aldermen were complimentary of the new flashing signs in Central High School’s school zone . The towns of Hollow Rock, Bruceton and the school shared in the costs.

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