Brian D. Cox

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Brian Daniel Cox, 37, of Phoenix, Ariz., made his last wildly, inappropriate and quite possible, sarcastic comment on Friday, Sept. 24, the day he passed away. No services were held.

Brian was born July 24, 1984 and lived life to the fullest and enjoyed every minute of it. With his larger-than-life personality, quick whit and irreverent sense of humor, we are sure he is laughing with his new bestie, J.C., in heaven at how his demise was brought about by an ice cream truck. All while telling him how “it would have been funnier if”.

Brian was a good man and an even better husband, father and friend. He was tough as nails and never backed down from a fight or stopped defending the weak. To look at him you would never know that under that rough and tough blue-collar exterior beat the heart of a man that would cry when he laughed, or that would love his cats more than himself. He was a conundrum, to say the least. He was special to us all and lived a full life. If you asked his older brother how Brian lived his life, he would say, “He done did it good”, and he did, every day. So please don’t be sad, Brian wouldn’t want that. In fact, he would be very proud that he went before his siblings and for once wasn’t the last one to the party. He would want his loved ones to live for him, laugh for him, and continue on in his memory. We all owe him that because we can rest assured that while he is up in heaven, he is, not only negotiating for a better view, but also getting all of us down here the “hook up” for when we are ready to see each other again.

He is survived by his wife, Cassie Cox; three sons, Asher Cox, Drake Mendes, and Zack Becker, all of Phoenix; his father, Timothy Cox; his mother, Sharon Pickler Melman; a brother, Ben (Holly) Cox; and grandparents, Shelba G. Cox Herrin; and John L. and Myrna Patterson Pickler, of Camden.

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