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Board agrees to pay 70 percent for employee insurance

During their Nov. 12 meeting, members of the Trezevant Mayor and Board of Aldermen gave first reading approval to a measure to provide health insurance for the town’s four fulltime employees and to cover 70 percent of their monthly premiums.

As Alderman Eddie Granger pointed out, paying 100 percent of these employees’ insurance premiums would cost the town around $2,250 per month, according to a quote from the most affordable insurance provider.

Alderman Tim Rogers initially recommended that the town pay half of the monthly cost, while employees pay the other half – which would be $282 per month for each full time employee.

“I’ve talked to one or two of them,” said Granger. “They said they can’t afford 50 percent.”

After some more discussion, Rogers finally made the motion that the town pay 70 percent and employees pay 30 percent for health coverage.

Alderman Ricky Browning figured that this will cost employees $169 per month each and the town around $1,580 per month in total if all four employees take the insurance.

Rogers’ motion passed unanimously.

Town financial officer Jeff Goad pointed out that the budget will have to be amended at some point to cover the extra cost.

A called meeting has been set for Nov. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall in order give final approval of the measure before the deadline set by the insurance company.

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In other business:

•Police Chief Mike Mulligan commended Officers James Patton and Mike Krause for their efforts in saving the life of a Trezevant resident back in August. See separate story.

•Alderman Scarlet Peevyhouse informed the board that the town is being considered for a playground equipment grant.

•Granger showed the board some of the new employee T-shirts and presented some options for a new town logo.

•The board was advised that the owner of condemned property at 5770 East Main Street has provided documentation showing that he has contracted to auction off the property on January 18 of next year – as was stipulated by the board back in October under threat of legal action.

•The board approved a budget amendment as recommended by Goad.

•The board approved Christmas bonuses for town employees, including $200 for fulltime employees, $100 for part-time employees, and $100 for volunteer firefighters.

•The board, after lengthy discussions, voted to rescind an earlier measure to cancel the town’s lease with CSX Railroad for use of a portion of the parking lot between the Trezevant Community Center and the railroad tracks. Town attorney Charlie Trotter advised the board that CSX has agreed not to go up on the lease, which will remain at $600 per year, and the railroad will allow venders to do business and trailers to be parked on CSX-owned property on the south side of the railroad tracks.

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