Black History Month- Chester Weathers

We honor and celebrate the late Chester S. Weathers. Mr. Weathers was the son of the late Ela and Seaburn Weathers. He was born December 18, 1921 and died in 2005. 

 As a young man Mr Weathers joined  the Civilian Conservation Corps and served in World War II. Mr Weathers was greatly loved by his family, friends, and was respected by the Town of Huntingdon. He  received a Certificate of Recognition for being the “First African-American City Employee” from Carroll County Civic Leader, Earl Wade. He also received the Distinguished Service Award in recognition of 25 years of faithful and devoted service to the Town of Huntingdon Police Department from Mayor Jesse Pinkley.

Beginning in May of 1962 as parking meter maintenance man and then becoming the custodian of the Huntingdon Municipal building. Chester carried out his duties in an outstanding, friendly and cooperative manner and thereby earned the respect of his co-workers.

Mr. Weathers owned and operated the first black grocery store in Huntingdon on Clark Street for many years. Weathers’ Groceries was located on the corner of Clark and 3rd Avenue. The Weathers family served the community with such love and we still have great stories and memories of the things we would buy from his store. We honor his legacy and what he meant to our community. Gone but not forgotten.

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