Bethel/Eastside FCE

     The Bethel/Eastside Family, Community, & Education Club met in the home of Mary and Pennys Mays on March 11, 2021 for their monthly  get together.  The meeting was called to order by our president, Pennye Mays.  The club Prayer was read in unison.  The devotion was given by Mary Mays.  Her program was entitled ” Rescue from the Darkness”.  She sited Colossians 1:13-14 and Isaiah 9:2 as the scriptures.  Roll call was answered with, “Name something you like that most people don’t or something you don’t like that most people do.”  There were some very interesting answers.  We all answered both parts, something we liked and somthing we didn’t.  There were nine members present.  the treasurer gave the report and we are still solvent though there were several expenses taken out for death of a member, Mrs. Betty Meggs,  and a member’s family.

Under old business:   The fidgit mats are still under discussion.  You should be collecting items for them such as:  zippers, large buttons, wooden beads, textured fabric, etc.

Still collectiong tabs and medicine bottles.

Remember to bring a can of soup to each meeting
New business: We will have a cultural arts judging.  Bring your items to the office by June.  Mini conference is August 10, 2021, that is a Tuesday. 

The meeting was adjourned.

Raven Trevathan

Raven Trevathan

Administrative Assistant

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