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Best Video Game Subscription Services

When we think of streaming services, our minds naturally go to Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu. However, the streaming wars are also taking place in the gaming industry. Video games are known to be costly but there are various ways to save money; this includes signing up for a subscription service if you are an avid gamer. Keep reading and find out more about some of the best video game subscription services.  

Xbox Game Pass 

The first subscription on our list comes from Microsoft with the Xbox Game Pass. With a subscription, you get access to a massive library and games from Xbox Game Studios are available on day one. There are three types of Xbox Game Pass that you can consider as well:  

  • Console ($10) 
  • PC ($10) 
  • Ultimate With Xbox Live ($15) 

It is also worth noting that the Xbox Game Pass is currently available for $1 if you join with either the PC or Ultimate option.  

PlayStation Now 

If you are a PlayStation user, then there’s a video game subscription service option for you too. PlayStation Now costs $10 a month and offers an incredible selection of PlayStation games that are both new and old. PlayStation Now also has a revolving library widow with new titles added each month.  

EA Access 

An option for Xbox, PlayStation, and now Steam users is EA Access. With this service, you can play games that hail from EA’s many studios with no rotating library. Plus, EA Access currently costs $1 a month, so it’s a tough offer to pass up.  

Nintendo Switch Online 

For Nintendo Switch owners, there is also the option to get one of the best video game subscription services around. Play online with new and old Nintendo games, save cloud data, get special offers, and more with Nintendo Switch Online. This service has a price tag of $4 a month or $35 for an entire year. If you are interested in Nintendo Switch Online, you can also test it out with a free seven-day trial.  

During this time of social distancing, now is the perfect time to take play as many games as you can and take advantage of all the great deals that are being offered.  

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