BEP funds will provide $445.11 bonus for each employee

McKenzie Special School District employees will each receive a $445.11 bonus by the action of board members in a March 2 meeting. This includes both certified and non-certified employees. BEP funds of $54,500 plus local option sales tax of $14,907.54 and a cafeteria fund of $7,935.05 will provide the funding. This is a one-time non-recurring bonus payment. This was one of two budget amendments that the board of education members passed.

The other budget amendment was for $1,300 from a Carl Perkins grant that will be used for vocational equipment.

Board of Education members passed the second and final reading on eight amendments to the School District’s policy manual.

The amendments to the policy manual included: School District Records, Tobacco-Free Schools, Fundraising Activities, Alternative Credit Options, Testing Programs, Separation Practices for Non-Certified Personnel, Sick Leave, Personal and Professional Leave, Long-Term Leaves of Absence for Professional Personnel, Family Medical Leave, Substitute Teachers, Attendance, Student Records Use of Records, Student Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances, Bus Conduct and Reporting Child Abuse.

In the director’s report on system updates, Watkins said Lashlee-Rich Construction Co. was due to start the construction repairs to the entrance of the high school.  Chris Allen of Carroll County Lawn Care has been given the contract to mow the school district’s property at an annual bid of $13,150.62 renewable on a three-year basis. Watkins told the board he would be attending the state legislative conference March 23-25 in Nashville.

The next school board meeting will be April 6 at 5:30 p.m.

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