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Battle Royale

By russellBUSH

 There are a lot of things you can blame the TSSAA for and I often perform that verbal task but sometimes events occur that you can’t blame on the organization that oversees athletics in the state of Tennessee. I have often disagreed with the football playoff system and the alignment of districts in all sports, and I will continue to do that because for the most part it doesn’t make sense.

 While the Huntingdon Fillies and Mustangs play in District 12-AA in basketball and the enrollment numbers keep them out of districts that might better suit them such as the districts that the other three county schools play in. Huntingdon plays McKenzie and Clarksburg, but West Carroll and Bruceton are not on the schedule and all four of forementioned county schools play in other districts.

 One thing you can’t blame the TSSAA for is a loaded girls district for 12-AA. Last week’s polls had Westview ranked one in the state and Gibson County four and Huntingdon five. After Friday’s games Westview is 21-0 and 4-0 in the district, Gibson County 19-5 and 3-1 and Huntingdon 19-3 and 2-2.

 Huntingdon lost to Gibson County 75-71 on the road in Dyer and 59-55 to Westview in Martin. The Fillies could have very easily won both games and both of the teams ahead of the have to come to Huntingdon before the end of the season and the Fillies will be looking to reverse their earlier fortunes.

 As much as the TSSAA makes decisions that I don’t agree with I can say it’s not their fault that that district is stacked, and the sad part is only two of these three great teams will make a run towards a state title. I can’t fault the TSSAA for the quality of these girls’ teams and in the end, I case the better team will make it to the top and I can say that it’s been some great basketball to watch.

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