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Barbara Roach Music Recital features patriotic theme

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Barbara Roach Music presented a recital on Friday Night July 17th at the Carroll County Civic Center.  It featured a Patriotic Theme with several songs about God and country.  

The program began with “The National Anthem” sung by Ella Jones of Camden.

Ella Jones – All Star Vocal

Early in the program, a visit from none other than Elvis Presley, performed by 9-yea- old James McNatt, celebrating the “American Dream” brought screams and whistles.  

James McNatt as Elvis

A surprise solo was presented by 6-year-old Madelyn Cooper who sang, “God Bless America.”  Madelyn, who has only just begun her training in vocals, delighted the audience with her strong rendition of the song.  

Madelyn Cooper – Surprise Soloist

Mrs. Barbara presented each student with a trophy, signifying the category in which they had qualified. Top Category was the “Golden Mic and All Star” trophies.  Students have to be enrolled with Barbara Roach Music for at least four years to qualify for All Star status.  

Two piano students, Christy Hodge and Betty Jo Douglas, were unable to be there to perform.  Betty Jo, who is 80, was presented “The Heart Award” which was accepted by Dana Wyatt. This award is new and will continue to be presented once a year. 

 Other awards included: Grace Hawkins – Vocal – Golden Microphone; Dana Wyatt – All Star Piano; and Ella Jones –  All Star Vocal.

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