Attorney won’t visit Bruceton

Dear Sirs:

   My wife and I travel often.  When we do, we prefer to see the great outdoors and to spend our time in quaint small towns.  I read the article about Bruceton Mayor lowering the flag to half-staff on January 6th.  His explanation for his motives rang hollow: the person having died 6 days earlier.  I can assure you that we will not seek out Bruceton and will not spend any money in it until Mr. Keeton is voted out of office.  That would prove to us that Bruceton loves America and believes in the ideals upon which it was founded.  It is this division in our country that has the greatest chance of destroying America.  Who would have ever thought that the President would incite insurrection against our government???  God help America!  


Thomas R. Weller

18731 N US Hwy 441

High Springs, Florida 32643

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