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Annexation of Profile Metal moving forward

In a called 3 p.m. meeting of the McKenzie City Council on Dec. 30, council members voted unanimously to move forward with the annexation of Profile Metal, an industry just off Highway 22 on Republic Drive In Henry County. Council member Jason Martin made the motion with a second by Vice Mayor Jessie Townes.

The annexation is being done to compromise a matter of property taxes instead of going to court, according to Mayor Jill Holland.

The council had previously voted to de-annex the property which had actually been annexed in 1974, according to records that were found. Profile Metals had disputed the survey that said the industry was in the city limits.

“The city decided to take back the taxes that were owed,” said the mayor.

The dispute came about from a 1974 annexation of the property. The state comptroller’s office informed the city that Profile Metal owed ten years in back taxes. The industry said it did not because it was not in the city limits. City attorney Laura Keeton worked up a deal to disregard further litigation with the industry. The city and Profile Metal had to convince the state Attorney General’s office  the property was not in the city limits. Profile Metal then had to ask the city to be annexed.

Council members will have to pass two different resolutions on one reading each and an ordinance on two different readings in addition to holding a public hearing.

The resolution describes the area of annexation that will be voted on in a Feb. 11 meeting. The map shows the area around Profile Metal and includes any future expansion.

The 14.34 acres of property will be zoned M-2 (Heavy Industrial). Anybody interested in checking on the ordinance and plan of services may view them at McKenzie City Hall, McKenzie Industrial Board office and the McKenzie Memorial Library.

“They are building a 7,000 square foot expansion and the city wants to make sure this annexation does not occur in the middle of a building and that everything around that area is included,” said the mayor.

The resolution for the plan of services will be passed at the Feb. 11 meeting. Already, water, sewer, natural gas and electrical services are provided. Police and fire protection plus solid waste collection and refuse service will be available once taken into the city limits.

The ordinance will be passed at the Jan. 14 and Feb. 11 council meetings with a public hearing at the Feb. 11 meeting.

Andrew Stokes of Clarksburg did the survey work.

The council members were also given a letter from Profile Metals’s attorney which said that Profile Metal wanted to be annexed.. The legislature changed annexation requirements that says it must have a letter from whoever wants to annexed.

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