America needs to return to Christian principles

Dear Editor

Shirley Nanny and Ron Park had excellent columns in last week’s paper.  Both spoke to current issues in a positive outlook of what we can and need to do.  Thanks to both of them.  

We are bombarded from all sides daily on all issues ranging from gun control to sex education for Pre-K.  All of these causes that many say are liberal, raise and spend millions of dollars to get their message out.  Many times we are afraid to speak out for fear of offending some or anyone.  I think it’s past time that Christians start speaking out.  We need to speak loudly and clearly without fear of offending someone.  Our nation is at stake.  The United States of America, (how long has it been since you heard our nation described like that?) is crumbling  as we sit back and watch.

There is a song familiar to many of us, “Onward Christian Soldiers” …marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before.  It’s time we Christians  realize we are in a war for what is right in the sight of God.  Let’s let Jesus, not some politician, lead us against the foe. Our country was founded on Christian principles and it’s time we fight for the same principles.  Let us speak as loudly Pro Life as those who speak Pro Abortion, fearing not if we offend someone.  Let us say boldly God created man and woman without worry of offending someone.  If we truly believe what the Bible teaches (and I do) then we need to start shouting it from the churches and everywhere across this land.  

Instead of supporting one party or the other, let us elect politicians who are willing to stand before the TV cameras and say  “what this country needs is a spiritual awakening”, we need strong  families, we need to use common sense instead of non-sense.  We need to return to biblical principles and not sell our vote to the highest bidder. 

Christian soldiers, the war is here and it’s time we start fighting for what is true, what is right.  And we must start NOW, while we have the freedom to do so boldly and bravely lest we become like other nations where we must worship privately or at risk of losing our life.  As the song says  “brothers lift your voices, like a mighty army, on then Christian soldiers, on to victory.

Eileen Pritchard


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