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Advice for Moving Elderly Parents Into Your Home

Advice for Moving Elderly Parents Into Your Home

You can expect a lot of changes while caring for aging parents. Create a plan for your household to prepare for the road ahead. Follow this beneficial advice for moving elderly parents into your home!

Understand the Level of Care Needed

In many cases, elderly parents move in with their adult children because they need assistance or close supervision. Evaluate your situation and understand the level of care your parents need. If the loved one needs constant assistance, you may want to hire an in-home aide to look after your parents while you’re at work.

Please note that the necessary level of care can change over time. In these instances, it’s beneficial to have a backup plan for different scenarios. For example, you may want to become the primary caregiver and leave your job to watch after your loved ones.

Evaluate Finances

Adding extra people to your household has financial implications. Naturally, living expenses such as grocery bills and utilities increase. Costs can also add up while modifying your home to accommodate parents. It’s best to evaluate your finances and determine who will contribute to household income. Sometimes, parents can use retirement funds to help with bills and expenses.

Modify Your Home

Elder-proof your home to ensure you have a safe and secure space for your loved ones. You can add anti-slip mats underneath rugs, install grab bars in the bathroom, and incorporate stair lifts. These measures help prevent trips and falls.

Furthermore, you may want to install a ramp to modify the home’s exterior. Ramp accessibility at home is important because it’s convenient, especially if your parents rely on mobility aids.

Anticipate Lifestyle Changes

When moving elderly parents into your home, you can anticipate lifestyle changes. Caregiving may affect time with your spouse, children, and responsibilities.

Your time and energy shift towards your parents, and the household must adjust to changes. Perhaps your children can take on more chores, or maybe your spouse will help with caregiving duties. Remain patient and flexible during this change, and encourage everyone to step up.

Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Help

At the end of the day, we’re all human, and caregiver burnout is real. As you adjust to life with your elderly parents, don’t be afraid to seek help. Whether you rely on other family members or home aides, it’s crucial to take advantage of available resources. Communicate your feelings to others by letting people know when you need a break!

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