Advice for First-Time Warehouse Managers

Being a warehouse manager requires certain skills. Many of these might be built on the job, while other skills are behind an office. While you might be qualified to be the best warehouse manager, if you’re inexperienced, you might encounter serious production issues that you’ll need to address. In this case, here’s some advice for first-time warehouse managers so that you know exactly what to do to keep your warehouse optimal.

Set Reachable Production Goals

Any first-time warehouse manager must understand the necessity of long-term progress. With that, one of the first considerations to make is establishing reachable production goals. Asserting these goals can and will maintain order and productivity on the warehouse floor. Consider implementing incentive programs to push employees to reach these goals. Or include a warehouse managing software to gain real-time feedback from the floor to the office. Either option will help elevate your warehouse toward meeting the goals you’ve set.

Upkeep Maintenance and Handling

It’s common knowledge that proper maintenance is just one way to keep warehouse productivity at its highest. In the 21st century, automation and heavy machinery are essential for producing goods at an unprecedented rate. Ignoring maintenance concerns creates issues with productivity and warehouse management. Letting your machines break slows down the manufacturing process to an extreme, which is why you must perform regular upkeep every few weeks or so.

Control Floor Traffic

It’s still critical to keep human employees content and secure in their positions. While having too few employees can make production slow, having too many on the floor can cause havoc and confusion. Break up your work staff into shifts throughout the day to ensure equal performance during production. Also, minimize extra space. Not maximizing your warehouse floor plan can create logistical issues that may lead to warehouse failure.

Get Employee Feedback

As with any company, it’s important to gain employee trust and respect in your warehouse. One way to do this is through pay incentives that keep employees regularly inclined to work their best. Another way to do this is through on-the-job training and performance feedback. As the warehouse supervisor, you’re naturally not exposed to everything that goes on in the day-to-day activities of the warehouse at all hours of production. Listening to employee feedback will help you spot potential weak points while showing your employees you’re in touch with their performance and needs.

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