Admin Duties: Creative Ways To Increase School Spirit

Admin Duties: Creative Ways To Increase School Spirit

School spirit is key to positive student and faculty culture. It creates pride and unity in the community. However, boring assemblies can bring down the excitement. Think beyond pep rallies and talent shows and consider these creative ways to increase school spirit!

Host Back-to-School Cookouts

School pride starts before the first day of class. Prepare students and staff for a great year by hosting back-to-school cookouts. It’s a fantastic way for new students to meet classmates and teachers before the first day!

Throw Tailgating Events

What better way to cheer on sports teams than to host a pre-game celebration? Students, family, and faculty gather to pump up team members before the big game. Be sure to provide food, drinks, and school swag to excite guests.

Tailgates happen rain or shine, and it’s important to prepare for all types of conditions. Schools can use canopies for outdoor events to protect from inclement weather, and they can showcase school spirit if you personalize them with school colors and logos.

Create School Spirit Fridays

Encourage students and teachers to wear school gear or colors on Fridays. You can also set up face-painting stations and sell school swag during free periods and lunch. As students and faculty head into the weekend, the branded gear reminds them of campus.

Host Movie Nights

Campus looks different at night, so introduce students to a new ambience with movie nights. Project movies on the side of the school and invite students, staff, and family to the event. Make sure they bring blankets and chairs for a comfortable experience.

You can create the movie-theater experience by selling snacks like popcorn, nachos, and candy bars. Don’t forget beverages! Soda, juice, and water are must-have items.

Host movie nights once a semester (if weather permits), and encourage students to offer movie suggestions. Of course, suggestions must be school-appropriate.

Consider Student vs. Staff Competitions

Everyone loves friendly competitions. Student vs. staff competitions is a creative way to increase school spirit because they encourage students to work together. Perhaps they team up to take down teachers in a volleyball match. Maybe they’ll dominate admins in a kickball game. The goal of this initiative is to instill teamwork and community.

At the end of the day, students are the heartbeats of schools. When they stick together, school spirit soars across campus!

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