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Action deferred on Venues on Broadway plat by Lake Planning Commission

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Members of the Carroll County Lake Planning Commission balked at voting on a subdivision plat, named Venues on Broadway, and deferred it to the Sept. 26 meeting at 1 p .m.

The bylaws have been changed to meet the fourth Wednesday in each month instead of the fourth Tuesday at 1 p .m.

Venues on Broadway is being proposed by Al Jackson who wants to build what appears to be a small town on Humphreys Road, west of Huntingdon.

Planner Donny Bunton informed board members that the subdivision plat had been submitted which would subdivide 12 from two parent tracts with a total area of 336 acres. The properties to be subdivided front on both Highway 70 and Humphreys Road.

Three private roads (Liberty Drive, Lakeview Lane and Overlook Drive are proposed within the subdivision. The proposed subdivision will have access to sewer service from the Town of Huntingdon and water service from Cedar Grove Water District. A large portion of the proposed subdivision is located within a designated flood hazard area.

“It should be noted that preliminary approval would signify only tentative approval of the layout and configuration of the lots,” said Bunton. “Construction drawings for the street, water and sewer extensions would have to be approved prior to the final plat being approved.”

He said that it should also be noted that in many cases, lots are being split which are larger than five acres in size and are exempt from the subdivision regulations by state law. In this caw, the exemption does not apply because there is a necessity for road, water and sewer extensions.

Bunton listed eight concerns that he has with the plat.

• The zoning of all adjacent properties has not been shown on the plat as required.

• There are temporary cul-de-sacs shown at the ends of Liberty Drive and Lakeview Way. The subdivision regulations require that these be proposed as permanent cul-de-sacs. Also, there are stub outs on lots 8 and 12 which should be completed with cul-de-sacs.

• Contour lines, at intervals not to exceed five feet, are supposed to be shown on the plat.

• The layout of the proposed private roads do not align in any way with the proposed interior lot lines of the subdivision. This configuration would actually divide portions of the same properties from themselves,in the event that the private roads were to become public roads. Many of these smaller areas, which lie between proposed roads and proposed interior lot lines would, in effect, become reserve strips. A reserve strip is property configured in such a way that minimum land use requirements cannot be met (because of such configuration). The staff planner believes it to be improper planning to allow for the creation of reserve strips and that the configuration of the proposed lots should take the layout of proposed street system into account.

• It is believed that the road name “Lakeview Way” is already in use by another existing county road. If this duplicity is confirmed, then this proposed road name should be changed to a non-conflicting name, so as to avoid any potential future confusions by administrative agencies and emergency personnel.

• All private roads within the subdivision are required to also be labeled as access easements.

• Since water and sewer lines will be extended throughout the subdivision along the proposed private roads, a 10’ wide utility easement is required to be  placed along each lot’s road frontage.

• There is north/south line shown on Lot 11, which runs parallel to and is just west of its interior lot line. The appearance of this line appears to create a small land-locked lot. The surveyor for the property informed the staff planner that the line was left on the plat in error and will be removed.

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