A shout out for vaccines

I am going to give a shout out for vaccines. The two vaccines and booster I had I feel kept me  from having the latest variant of COVID called the Omicron.

I had a color put on my hair a week ago Saturday. The operator had to put the color on, wash my hair, dry my hair, use the curing and style my hair, all the while running her fingers through it. While I was there she said she had begun not feeling well. Later that afternoon she called me to tell me that she had tested positive for COVID.

So far so good, I have not had the disease.

Of course, there are come people that are vaccinated that  are having it, but I don’t think it is serving them as badly as the unvaccinated ones.

If another shot is needed later on, I will get it as well. I have heard a number of what I call wives’ tales about the vaccine.

One lady told me that it changes your DNA and then there’s one believes that the government can track your actions through the vaccine. There are a lot more, but those I think are the two most ridiculous ones that I have heard.

There are so many diseases that have been eradicated through vaccines. As of right now, children are mandated to have certain vaccines before they start to school. I pray that all this negative talk about vaccines don’t affect that situation and the government decides that the shots are not necessary.

I heard my mother talk about three members of one family that died typhoid fever before vaccines came along. There was a fellow that lived on the same road as myself when I was growing up who had polio as a child. His body was twisted and he could not walk unless he used two crutches. In addition, he had braces on each leg. I would imagine he would have given a pretty penny if he could have had a vaccine.

I don’t ever hear of anyone having polio any more. Thank goodness because it was a crippling disease that mostly affected young children.

There has to be some rules and regulations that we have to live by because it is for our own good and protection. And that’s not taking our freedom away.

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